Glee Is Making Season 4 Decidedly Different With A Show-Within-A-Show

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With the Glee cast getting split down the middle between who makes it out of Lima and which graduated seniors will be visiting McKinley High next year, we've been asking ourselves how Ryan Murphy and co. will rejigger the series to make us care about the new crop of glee club members. Well, The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Fox‘s Kevin Reilly, and got some sort of answer about how the structure of the show itself is going to drastically change: Season 4 will feature a show-within-a-show.

To be honest, I don't quite follow what they're going for here, so I'm just going to quote what THR said:

Glee‘s fourth season will revolve around a handful of graduating seniors and be set at a performing arts school in New York for a show-within-a-show. The series will continue to be set at McKinley High in Ohio and feature a slate of new characters to be announced in the coming weeks.

So… it sounds as if the heart of the show will still be at McKinley High with Mr. Schue's New Directions (or maybe the glee kids will rename themselves), but at the same time, those kids will also be watching a TV show about teenagers trying to make it in NYC? It certainly sounds like the kind of show that Rachel Berry would watch, and we're pretty sure she's staying on for at least another year. (Or maybe she'll be one of those Broadway hopefuls, and it will be a reality show?)

Further incentive is that Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson have reportedly signed on for guest spots. Although we haven't learned any details about the characters yet, each has a multiepisode arc; I wouldn't be surprised if SJP brought some Carrie Bradshaw attitude to the New York show.

Although I personally wouldn't suggest going this route, Glee could succeed with this gamble, if they do it right. I'm thinking something along the lines of The OC‘s fictional teen soap The Valley, which Summer was obsessed with. Or—take a page from Murphy's other successful series Nip/Tuck and their fake medical drama Hearts and Scalpels.

Yep, if Glee‘s show-within-a-show were this meta and funny, I might actually tune in again.

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