Glee Season 4 Promo Provides No Answers, And Yet I’m Still Embarrassingly Excited

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“Who stays? Who goes? Where's the wedding? And is Sue Sylvester ever gonna have that baby?”

These are the questions the Glee Season 4 promo video teases us with. And despite 32 seconds of Season 3 clips and not even an inkling of what's to come, I'm hooked and I'm not afraid to say it.

Despite the fact that it seems like the person who writes each character changes from week to week. Despite the fact that I honestly cannot stand Will Schuester, especially when he sings. Despite the fact that Glee has a habit of trivializing high school drinking, sex, etc. for its many young viewers. Despite the fact that watching the seniors' college process — namely, applying to one school a week before graduation — made me want to throw every college book I've ever owned at the TV.  I can't freaking wait for Season 4 of Glee.

Because even despite all the things (and there are more) that piss me off about the show, there are moments that, at least for me, make it worth the aggravation. I was genuinely upset during Finn and Rachel's final teary-eyed conversation of Season 3. I was ecstatic when they won nationals, despite knowing it was going to happen. I love every second Mike O'Malley is on screen, even when he's performing the “Single Ladies” dance. After I watched the Whitney Houston episode, I listened to both “How Will I Know” and “My Love Is Your Love” for weeks. And I teared up when the girls sang “Shake It Out” to Coach Beast.

So, as the Gleek that I am, the promo was slightly disappointing, but got me amped up all the same. Will Glee film Quinn scenes against a gorgeous Yale backdrop? What the heck are Kurt and Finn going to do since guidance counselor Emma seems to be unaware of the term “safety school”? I really don't give a crap about where the stupid wedding is, but hey, will Coach Beiste find another man? Though I'm still fairly disturbed by the Sue having a baby storyline, I am definitely curious to see how that turns out. Will Tina sing a lot? (I hope not. Though I am excited for Blaine to be the male star of the New Directions.) What is Mercedes doing? Basically, how will they structure the show now that the gang isn't all in the same place anymore?

We won't know until September, but you can bet that my butt will be glued to the couch and my eyes on the TV when Season 4 premieres.

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