Finally Something Good Happens For New Directions On Glee

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Will New Directions win nationals? That’s basically the whole point of the episode. Since they didn’t win last year, the pressure is on for this batch of seniors to win it all.

Too bad a million things go wrong, like Mercedes having food poisoning in the first minute of the episode. Also there is a lot of fighting, and Brittany’s pillow and blanket fall into the hotel pool. Disaster.

But all that fighting is just passion, says Mr. Shue. These seniors (and the rest of the glee club) REALLY want to win. I feel like this whole episode is setting up the audience for the glee club to lose. Finn bets all of his savings on New Directions winning, Rachel’s NYATA audition judge is apparently coming and also it’s everybody’s last time performing together.

However, things look up when Mercedes gets healthy, but start to look down again when we see that Perez Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are judges. Ew, two people who really don’t deserve any attention whatsoever.

New Directions sings Lady Gaga’s “Edge of Glory”,  Celine Dion’s “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” (random) and Meatloaf’s “Paradise by the Dashboard Light.”

During the Celine Dion song, Rachel’s NYATA judge showed up (and it was pretty good timing because that’s probably one of the best Lea Michele performances from the whole series).

Vocal Adrenaline was good too. However I find it really hard to believe that at show choir nationals TWO schools from middle-of-nowhere Ohio make it into the competition.

New Directions won! When they walk back into school, they don’t get slushied, they get confettied! They are in the newspaper! Finn gets his money back! Party in the choir room! Will and Emma had the s-e-x!

The episode closes with New Directions (does anyone else hear it as “Nude Erections?”) singing “We Are the Champions” when Mr. Shue wins teacher of the year. Glee is really bringing the sappy in these last few episodes, so next week during the finale, I’m probably going to need two boxes of tissues.