Watch Glee’s Cooper Anderson (AKA Matt Bomer) Audition For Transformers

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Glee Cooper Anderson Matt Bomer Transformers audition tapeI love it any time a TV show releases an extra “in-character,” playing into the series' inside jokes and memorable characters. And while nothing will ever top Robin Sparkles‘ “Let's Go to the Mall” video from How I Met Your Mother, Glee does a pretty great job in adding to last night's surprisingly good Matt Bomer guest spot.

See, the kids and faculty at McKinley High fawned all over Bomer's character Cooper Anderson because he had “made it” as a successful actor in the FreeCreditRatingToday.com commercials. After he and baby brother Blaine made up at the end of “Big Brother,” Blaine convinced him to send in an audition tape for the next Transformers movie to director Michael Bay. And bless Fox for actually filming that scene so we could laugh at Bomer's perfectly over-the-top, conceited character. (It's fun to see a mainstream musical show mock a mainstream action director and the questionable quality of his movies.)

You'll note that, just as he instructed New Directions, Cooper makes sure to point all around, as that's the key to good acting. However, the way he falls in the end reminds us a bit of Tobias Funke's memorable “fire sale” audition from Arrested Develompent:

What would complete the circle in this great joke would be if Bay actually hired “Cooper Anderson” to play Sheriff Roscoe in his new film. We can dream…