Glee Report Card: From The Heart

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Glee "Heart" Artie and Rory fight over Sugar

Glee‘s Valentine's Day episode was sweet but not memorable, and unfortunately it seemed to bring out the more hackneyed plot developments and annoying character traits. (But maybe that's a commentary on how February 14 can highlight the worst in us? Who knows. I would've rather seen Ryan Murphy‘s take on V-Day through American Horror Story, but what can you do.)

Mr. Schue tasks the kids with performing their favorite love songs, but each has an ulterior motive: Rachel and Finn want people to support their engagement; Artie and Rory compete over rich girl Sugar's attention; and Santana wants the God Squad — who are doubling as singing telegrams — to let her express her love for Brittany.

Performed by Mike and Tina
Originally performed by Nat King Cole

I was worried this would be the fun but empty-headed Ashlee Simpson song, so I'm glad to see that Glee went with a more traditional. Tina and Mike were just adorable, not least because they were the only couple who performed together this week. The number was bubbly, tender, and featured some fun dancing. I would've rather seen more of Mike dancing and less of Artie and Rory trying to one-up each other (see above), but otherwise it was great.

Grade: A-

“Let Me Love You”
Performed by Artie
Originally performed by Mario

I couldn't believe this so much since it was so underhanded: Artie sings the Mario ode ostensibly to congratulate Rachel and Finn on their engagement — which most people, including Kurt, don't support — but he's really trying to suck up to Sugar. This is such a waste of Artie's energy; he shouldn't feel like he needs to pander to some rich brat.

Grade: B-

“Stereo Hearts”
Performed by the God Squad singing telegrams
Originally performed by Gym Class Heroes feat. Adam Levine

It's so overproduced, but still a lot of fun. Every episode should include a big production number like this, with the glee club showing off their performance skills in the schoolyard. But let the valentine be for someone else, not Rachel giggling and dancing along; let it be someone who doesn't have a fairytale romance going on.

Grade: B+

Performed by Rory
Originally performed by Michael Bublé

Again with the manipulation! Rory sings a song to New Directions about how they've become his home and now he's gonna be deported to Ireland, but it's clear that it's just a ruse to make Sugar feel sorry for him. But he sings Bublé admirably well; hopefully he'll get a few more spirited numbers before the end of the season.

Grade: B+

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