GLAAD Is Ok With Brad And Angelina’s Engagement Meaning Nothing Is Left To Distract Fans

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's engagement should be a purely happy union, with nothing to distract their fans from the shiny, shiny ring and visions of an army of flower girls and ring bearers. The one dark shadow over the Jolie-Pitt announcement was the memory of what had kept the happy couple from going down the aisle in the past: the promise they wouldn't get married until it was legal for gay couples to do the same across the country. Luckily a GLAAD representative has taken care of that too.

GLAAD's Rich Ferraro said about the engagement, “We congratulate them on their engagement and thank them for continuing to speak out about the inequality that so many gay and lesbian couples face today.”

It's nice to see the organization taking the high road when they could have easily called the two out on breaking their promise. Of course it's also possible the hearts of America's politicians and voters will be melted by the long awaited wedding ceremony and they'll feel compelled to pass legislation legalizing gay marriage so all couples in love have the chance to get married. Hey, Brad and Angelina are engaged. Anything is possible.

Photo: (Us Magazine)