Giveaway: You And Your Friends Can Win A Spa Day In Honor Of The Carrie Movie!

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School dances are, in theory, one of the best parts of school. You get to hang out with all of your friends from school without the stresses of school: no teacher to call on you in class, no school uniform to wear, no mysterious-looking lunch food to eat. Even the process of getting ready for school dances is fun! You get to dress up, do your hair and make-up fancier than usual, maybe even wear high heels. Ideal situation, right? Unfortunately, sometimes it doesn’t end up the way you expect.

For example, there could be a situation like the one in Carrie, in theaters October 18th. The movie is a reimagining of the classic horror tale about Carrie White, played by Chloë Grace Moretz, a shy outcast who unleashes telekinetic terror on her town after a horrible experience at her senior prom.

Hopefully your school dance experience is better than Carrie’s, but if primping beforehand ends up being the best part, we have more of that for you!

Enter to win:

-A spa day for you and a friend to indulge in the good and wash away the bad.
-A $200 gift card for retail therapy!
-There are also $50 gift cards for two runners up.