Giuliana Rancic Reminisces About The Time Russell Crowe Was A Total Dick To Her On The Red Carpet

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Giuliana Rancic Watch What Happens Live

There is simply nothing better during award season than Giuliana Rancic's red carpet interviews. From her precious mani-cam to the way she somehow manages to relate every interview to herself to the time she forgot how old she was and flirted with Austin Mahone. She's had a lot of awkward moments, and she admitted that on last night's Watch What Happens Live when asked to name the most awkward of all. The answer came to her pretty quickly, though. It was that time Russell Crowe was a total toolbag to her because he didn't like her questions. And also because he's pretty much always a toolbag.

In Giuliana's exact words, Russell “was so mean to me.” She'd only been at E! for about a year, before the mani-cam was even a mani-fetus. Her first question at a movie premiere was your basic, run-of-the-mill red carpet question: “Are you excited to be here?” Short answer: No he was not. He answered that he was contractually obligated and told her to move on. So she did, and asked basically the same question: “Isn't it so wonderful seeing all the fans?” Russell was not amused, and he told her “One, two, you're through!” and walked off.

Look, Russell Crowe. I know you probably get asked about your excitement level at approximately every event you go to, but that's not how you deal with a Giuliana interview. You smile and nod and pray to the Hollywood gods that another celeb will decide to interview-bomb you so you're not all alone on that scary E! platform with that inexplicable rack of potted plants. (Seriously, what's with that?) On top of all that, “One, two, you're through!” isn't even a thing. “Three strikes, you're out?” Sure. “Five donuts and then I promise I won't eat anymore?” Absolutely. Learn some red carpet etiquette, Mr. Maximus. I'd like to point out that Kathryn Hahn's scandalized reaction face in this video is spot-on. It says “I can't believe he said that to you. Hold on, let me get some popcorn so you can tell me more.”

(Image: Bravo)