Babies Are Cute, But Giuliana Rancic Loving Her Son’s Baby Poop Is Not

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Did you ever change a baby’s diaper and jump for joy when you realized it was filled with feces? Yeah, me neither. But that’s apparently how TV star and E! correspondent Giuliana Rancic reacts whenever she changes her son Edward Duke’s diaper.

While I’m actually a big fan of Bill and Giuliana Rancic’s, this is just absurd and not to mention gross. Also, Giuliana has to be lying. I refuse to believe she genuinely looks at her son’s diaper and goes Ahhh yes. I love the thought of fresh poop in the morning. Yet, apparently she does say something along those lines. Celebrity Baby Scoop quotes her interview with People:

“It’s such a good feeling because it shows that he’s healthy and he’s regular and things are looking good,” she adds. “I love changing poopy diapers. When I open a diaper and it’s poopy, I’m like, ‘Yes, score!’”

Every time he craps it’s like she won the Toiletbowl and her son is Tom Brady. I wonder if she gets excited over the different kinds. Surprise! Today there’s diarrhea—and it’s runny. Ughh so gross. I usually love all things baby.The typical movie scene where the son pees on the dad because he’s just so incapable of changing a diaper. Hilarious! Even spit up can be kind of charming. But loving poop is a whole other story.

Even though I’m thoroughly grossed out by this entire thing, I’m happy for Giuliana and her ability to love her son’s tiny feces. Giuliana struggled for so long to have a baby that she’s simply cherishing every moment. Grateful for the little, smellier things, ya know?

[Via Celebrity Baby Scoop]

(Photo: Dan Jackman/WENN.com)