Giuliana Rancic’s Perfect Date Night Sounds A Lot Like My Saturday Nights With My Dog

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Giuliana Rancic Realvolutionary Awards September 5 2013 New York City NY

Giuliana Rancic has got to be one of the busiest women on the planet.  She lives in both LA and Chicago with her husband, Bill Rancic, she stars in her own reality show, she hosts E! News and Fashion Police, she's constantly tweeting and Instagramming, she has a one-year-old, has her own fashion line for HLN, runs a restaurant with her husband, and probably runs and operates a bajillion more enterprises I'm not even aware of.

Whew.  So it's no wonder she's basically a talking skeleton and her idea of a “perfect date night” with her hubs is laying in bed.  Yep, that's pretty much it.  Laying in bed with a bottle of wine, watching TV and talking. No, not April 25th because all you need is a light jacket. It's no makeup, no fancy restaurant, nothing.  Lounging. If I had to deal with her schedule for one day I'd probably have a nervous breakdown, so I can see how something as simple as laying around with her man is pure heaven for her.

“Our date night is, ‘Let’s get in bed early, watch TV, get a bottle of wine.’ That’s how we connect,” Giuliana tells the Chicago Sun-Times.  “We don’t put pressure on ourselves to keep things exciting,” Giuliana explained. “We define date night not by getting my hair done, getting dressed up and going to a fancy restaurant and spending a lot of money.”

Yeah, that's exactly what me and my dog, Duke do every Saturday night when we don't have other plans.  And what a coincidence- my dog and the Rancics' kid share the same name!  Coincidence?  I think not.  (Just kidding.)  Duke and I love watching television while I booze it up, and laying around happens to top our list of things that make us ecstatic.  So, even though I'm not Giuliana and I definitely do not have her life, I so get her.

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