Giuliana and Bill Rancic Welcome Baby Boy, Ryan Seacrest’s Eyeballs Transform Into Dollar Signs

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After a few years of struggling with first fertility and then breast cancer, Giuliana and Bill Rancic now have something to be ecstatic about–the couple welcomed son Edward Duke Rancic late last night.

Thanks to Giuliana & Bill, their Style Network reality show, we've seen these two agonize about the location of their restaurant and home decor with equal fervor to their struggles with infertility.  I'm curious to see if the pregnancy of their gestational carrier will be featured on their show.  I'm sure they'll keep the identity of the woman and her uterus private, but it'll be interesting to see if they actually show how involved these two were throughout the process.  I know they're very busy (read: narcissistic) people with demanding careers, but with all of the emotional strife they've been through lately I'd like to think they've been humbled into really focusing on the things that matter in life.

Since Ryan Seacrest Productions does not, in fact, produce Ryan Seacrest's own co-host's reality show, I assume the minute Bill Rancic tweeted, “The Duke has landed!” that Ryan immediately began his Scrooge McDuck routine by swimming around in a roomful of money. Hey, if Candy Spelling can have a room in her mansion solely dedicated to gift wrapping, then by God Ryan Seacrest shall have a room solely dedicated to his King Midas wealth.  I can picture him scripting a reality show around the Rancic heir for the last nine months. Either way, I'm sure upon hearing the news his shoe lifts grew two sizes that day.

You know how sometimes when people are being dramatic about wanting something so badly, they'll say “I'll give you my firstborn”?  I wonder if Giuliana had to sign a contract (in blood and Wen hair gel) offering hers to the Ryan Seacrest Dynasty?  Because I, probably like most of America, would rather watch a super rich newborn do nothing but puke and poop in diapers made of gold than watch one minute of Married to Jonas

Anyway, congratulations to the happy family.  If only one thing ends up being documented on Giuliana & Bill for this joyous occasion, I'm hoping it's her Italian immigrant parents' reaction to their new grandson because those two are absolutely delightful.


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