Lena Dunham Promises At Least One GIRLS Episode Where She Doesn’t Get Naked

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Lena DunhamEntertainment Weekly recently did a photo shoot and interview with Lena Dunham, (if you can't see the video, you probably have to ‘Like' EW‘s page, and then it should show up) the writer, creator, show-runner, and star of HBO's GIRLS. They allowed Twitter users to write in questions, and @samweirD asks, “Will we ever see an episode where Hannah doesn't get naked?” HA. Good call. We're only three or four episodes in to this season, depending on whether you've watched this Sunday's episode in advance, and I think we've seen Hannah naked in every single one so far. I think literally the first moments of the second season's first episode are her boobs bouncing around in all their jumbly glory as she…ahem…rides Donald Glover. In the most recent episode we definitely see them when she's in the tub with Jessa, and then in the two intervening ones…let me think. Oh we saw them last week when she switches shirts in the club, and then all the rest of the night, since the shirt she ends up with is mesh. So the only one I can't remember is the second episode, but I feel almost certain that we saw some tittays. In any case, here is Lena's response to the question:

“You know I think there may actually be a few in season two where Hannah doesn't get naked. She does other humiliating things but the nudity is kind of isolated to a few particularly nude episodes.”

Innnnteresting. So maybe the beginning of the season is where all the bare boobies are clumped, and then she gets the topless out of her system so she can focus on other humiliations later in the season? But what could those other humiliations be? And what does it say about me that I've seen more of Lena Dunham's boobs lately than my own?