Girls Is Back And So Is My Love For Lena Dunham

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70th Annual Golden Globe Awards held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel

I think I can finally be placed firmly on “Team Lena Dunham” now after a really tumultuous year or so of not knowing if I love her, hate her, am jealous of her, or want her to be my friend.  Last night's Golden Globes and the season 2 premiere of Girls have both equally made me want to purchase a “I Love Lena” shirt from Zazzle.  I simply can't hate anyone who puts themselves out there as much as Lena does, both in vulnerability and in T & A.  I won't hold it against her that she wore cement blocks as shoes last night and took about a year to get get up on stage both times.

Oh Girls. I didn't realize how much I missed you, because I rarely run out of television to watch to fill up my sad life.  But indeed I did.  Where to begin?  Five minutes in we get to see Hannah screwing a black guy, so…take THAT, critics!  Even though I didn't learn anything about him or his personality, I already like him better than Adam. Who, from the looks of his ginormous cast and shoulder chip, is going go be as annoying as ever this season.  I'm glad to see Hannah finally putting her foot down on his narcissistic bullshit though.  I think she's paid her dues enough — so what if she's kind of the reason he got hit by a car in the first place?

Shoshanna is de-flowered but she's not de-valued, ok?  Nothing much has changed with her other than she's trying to hate her “lover,” Ray, and it's not working.  What else can she do but quietly karaoke a little Sean Kingston in the corner of Hannah and Elijah's apartment party?  And if anyone can pull off a birdcage veil at a house party, Shoshanna can.  My favorite Shosh/Ray moment: “I'm sorry I ignored you, but you were sending me texts full of emojis.”  “What's wrong with emojis?!”

Golden girl Marnie seems to be experiencing her first real-world troubles by being single, stressed, and fired from her job.  It's the first time I've been able to even remotely relate to her character.  Also, the mental image of Rita Wilson (who's playing Marnie's MILF mom) fucking a cater waiter didn't creep me out nearly as much as it should have.  Also, every great moment in Girls last night included the karaoke machine in Hannah's apartment, my favorite being Marnie and Elijah's Sarah McLachlan duet.  I could have done without their random sexcapade, because I don't think it was believable. It brought about another great line though: “How do you expect me to get hard when you're rolling your eyes?”  I love Elijah. Girls will feel a little empty without him next season.

Jessa doesn't make her Bo Derek appearance until the last minute or two of the show. All you need to know is that she's blissfully happy with her husband, Thomas-John and that she has no idea what her/their new address is.  I predict lots of wonderful weirdness for those two this season.

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