The Five Weirdest Items Of Girls Related Merchandise For Sale Thus Far

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As enviable television characters go, the ones on HBO's Girls fall somewhere between Betty Draper and Tuco Salamanca. “Sometimes we tailor the clothes to fit her even worse,” Jennifer Rogien, the show's costume designer, tells The New York Times of star Lena Dunham‘s wardrobe. But that hasn't stopped HBO and others from creating all sorts of ridiculous Girls-related products. This is America, after all! Here are the five wackest ones so far.

1. Deborah Lippman's line of Girls nail polish

I have written about this already. Never underestimate the willingness of a beauty company to re-package and re-brand such basic concepts as “green,” “pink,” “red” and “purple.”

2. American Eagle's line of Girls lingerie

Did you like the granny panties Hannah peeled off in that scene where Adam made her hold an awkward position for a really long time before inserting his penis awkwardly into her? Now you can have your very own pair, thanks to American Eagle, as the brand's lingerie line Aerie has just tapped Rogien to do a line of underthings for them.

3. Urban Outfitters' Girls apartment makeover sweepstake contest

Tweet a photo of yourself in your apartment to win an apartment makeover worth $5,000! Granted, it doesn't say they will make your apartment look like the ones on the show. But just thinking about Hannah's sad, unaffordable, post-college G-train cave makes me want to give up on my own efforts at home design forever.

4. CUSTOM TV Quote Print HBO Girls 8×10 


If you, like Shoshanna, have been emotionally stunted by the gender-essentialist platitudes of the women's self-help genre and are for some reason proud of it, here is a thing you can slap up on your cubicle wall.

5. HBO's Girls Charlie Brown Christmas Digital Download Card




I lied, this is awesome. Finally, someone who understands that Girls is the darkest show on TV since Peanuts. The fact that they make you print it out yourself just adds to the show's lazy slacker ethos.

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