Everything You Need To Know About The 2nd Season Of Girls

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Hooray for the fans of the HBO show Girls! Yesterday, the network officially announced that our favorite under-worked 20 year-olds have been renewed for another season. The new 10 episode season will be premiering in January 2013, which is a pretty great way to ring in the new year.

Ever since the first season ended in June, there's been a lot of buzz on what's next to come for this foursome.  Though we're not exactly sure on exactly what kinds of antics these girls will be getting themselves into, we do know that they're going to get a lot of help from some guest stars! Lena Dunham may want to keep everything mostly a surprise for the new season, but we can't help it!

Check out the list below on all the guest stars who will gracing NYC next January.

1. Donald Glover– His character role may not be known just yet but Dunham described him as “the ship captain” that will be in charge of the new ‘Battlestar Galactica' territory” they're entering in Season 2.  Many think that casting Glover was a quick fix for the criticism the all white ensemble show has faced.  Despite the criticism, I'm really looking forward to the Community star bringing himself and his rap skills to HBO. Just look how cute he looks messing around on the set of Girls in this picture!

 “Evilish Gambino”

2. Shiri Appleby, the former Roswell star is rumored to be playing Adam's ex, who's a “charming” New Yorker.  I wonder if her and Adam will get back together now that he's single.  Either way I'm looking forward to some awkward and hilarious scenes between Shiri Appleby and Lena Dunahm.

3. Patrick Wilson and his piecing blue eyes just landed quite the juicy role!  It's rumored that he will be playing “a forty-something doctor who lives next door to where Hannah (Dunham) works.  Not only will he be filling the role of a doctor —-but he may be a love interest for newly-single Hannah.  Consider me sold!

4. Chris North set rumors blazing when writer Jenni Konner tweeted this photo of her and Lena getting chummy with Mr. Big on set.

Though I'm not quite sure what role he would take because we already have Wilson as the older love interest.  Either way I don't mind a little Sex In The City/Girls crossover. (Please keep Sarah Jessica Parker out) I look forward to North coming on board, even if it's just him walking by smoking a cigar.

Though the premier is so far away, get excited because this new season will be chalk full of guest star galore!

(Photos: @lenadunham/WENN.com)