GIRLS Is Renewed For A Third Season, So Here’s What Happens In The Rest Of Season Two

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movie stills 151112Welp, the hit HBO show GIRLS was just officially announced as renewed for a third season, and since we're not at all surprised by that, I didn't want to bother you with a long post marveling at how precocious Lena Dunham is, or how new and brave the material is. We've done that many times, I promise. Just search the site.

Instead, we figured we'd give you a little sneak peek of season three, since season two is…just starting and we have no idea what happens at the end. But it's already aired in England at the request of the Downton Abbey cast (they're practically royalty over there), so let me summarize it for you real quick:

We know that at the end of season two, Snape is revealed to be good, so Hannah starts dating him again. But Buster has already lost a hand, and Shoshana isn't qualified to be a doctor, so their marriage is canceled at the last minute after he leaves her at the altar, apologizing to the Duke of Grantham in the process. Jessa has gotten divorced and started selling meth with her shady partner Jesse Pinkman, and Elijah is still working his way through all the sexy stenographers at his work, so he's no help at all. Marnie watches her father Brian Williams get executed in Baelor's Sept, and we think that all is lost, but then Adam reappears after winning the one ring to rule them all away from a wicked old Snooki and returns to reunite the whole gang. The last scene takes place in an underground cave where we finally discover whether Nicholas Brody is good or evil. It's a real roller coaster ride.

And that's where we leave off with season two. Season Three is gonna be pretty much the same, just with more cake, because in the third year everybody realizes that they have to go back to the island…to eat more cake.

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