Now That Charlie Left Girls, Marnie Will Be Forced To Find New Ways To Embarrass Herself

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Marnie Singing Kanye Cover Girls Season Two

Remember how Marnie and Charlie reunited during the season finale of Girls and it felt a little hollow and Pretty Woman because what? Charlie spent the entire season growing a set of balls and Marnie spent it committing social suicide over and over and over again because Charlie dared to grow balls. It made zero sense that Charlie would forgive and forget everything Marnie did to him — including that thing she did to him moments before her “I want to raise your little brown babies” love declaration. You know that thing where she threw a public temper tantrum because Charlie wasn't 100% sure if he was ready to reboard the crazy train for good.

Anyway all that happened. And now thanks to Christopher Abbot's decision to leave Girls, it now all has to unhappen. Allison Williams recently talked about what it means for her character and how it will impact the third season of TV's most hate-watched series.

Now, though, “it’s almost as if we skipped her third season and have gone on to single Marnie,” Williams adds. The split “means that Marnie is now piecing herself back together.”

Um wasn't season two all about single Marnie. And wasn't that a disaster? Single Marnie's a trainwreck of a character. And not in the fun way. In the way that makes me very uncomfortable. I haven't had a good night's sleep since she sang that Kanye cover during Charlie's work party. Has anyone? While I hope the writers can move New Single Marnie (NSM) off the self-destruction path she's currently on, I'm not 100% confident in them since they seem to enjoy destroying characters. And character's eardrums.

Then again if they managed to write a character that I liked again, I wouldn't really know how to watch the show. Wouldn't it be odd to finish an episode and realize that I actually enjoyed it? I expect that feeling from Arrested Development and Nashville and illegal Cool Runnings clips I find on Youtube, but not from a show as groundbreaking as Girls.

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