Some Old Lady Just Gave Away A Girls Spoiler, And No, I Don’t Mean Lena Dunham

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Lena Dunham attending the Emmy Awards September 2013Don't be ridiculous, guys. I know Lena Dunham isn't an old lady. Even though she acts like one, talks like one, and has a love for pajamas like one, in my heart of hearts, I know that Lena is only twenty-seven years of age. So when I say that some old lady gave away a Girls spoiler, I'm not talking about her. Get it through your heads already.

The actual elderly lady in question is one June Squibb, who after being rejected from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry on account of not being able to do magic, turned to a life in entertainment. As part of said life, she attended the New York Film Festival premiere of Nebraska, where Vulture intercepted her her on the red carpet to ask how her role in that movie differed from her role as Hannah's maternal grandmother on Girls, and she said:

“Well, as Hannah's grandmother, I was dying.”

AHA! Is that a spoiler I smell? I didn't even know Hannah had a grandmother, and here she goes dying in season three. They may have to take one whole episode away from awkward, terrible sex just to document that. And even worse, Hannah might be forced to gain some actual maturity and insight. Any thoughts, June?

“Yeah! We do have one scene that I think will be lovely for that, that really shows that. I think it does help her grow up. People will react to her doing that.”

Well that's a disappointment. I'd gotten so used to hate- and guilt-watching this show every week that actually feeling something about it for the first time since season one might be a little troubling. But at least June is here to give me advanced warning, and to make clear that she realizes that this is the Most Important Work She's Ever Done, saying:

“All the young people where I live are thrilled that I'm on that show. Doesn't matter what else I did, that show is very, very important.”

You're right it doesn't matter. Because once Lena hears that you've spoiled an element of next season, she's gonna come find you where you work and put the Cafe Grumpy's garbage in your can as punishment.

“She's heaven. I just kind of admire her and respect her and love her just so much.”

Or…she might just give the above fawning statement, bringing the total number of words that Lena Dunham has to utter to annoy me down to a very impressive seventeen.

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