The Girls Season 3 Poster Proves They Forgot What Show They’re Pretending To Do

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Girls season three poster December 2013

Is it just me, or is anyone else having trouble figuring out what the upcoming season of Girls is gonna be like? I was already struggling, considering I loved the first season, hate-watched the second, and surprisingly enjoyed the season three promo. It's a very confusing world for me right now.

And it's been made even more confusing by the poster that's just been released in promotion of the third season. It has all four girls in it, which is pretty standard, and also includes two of the guys — Adam, played by Adam Driver, and suggests there are some kind of consequences to your actions and Ray, played by Alex Karpovsky — but it's in a totally different style from anything we've seen before.

The tagline is ‘Happily Whatever After', and it morphs the Brooklyn feel that we've become accustomed to into a kind of shabby-chic princess look, with everyone lounging around in tattered party dresses like faded debutantes ala a Gossip Girl poster or a Vanity Fair cover or something. It's super odd. And it's also really misleading, because the melancholy looks on Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke‘s faces make it seem like there will actually be consequences for the bizarre actions of the show's stars this season, while we all know from experience that that won't be true. Although supposedly Hannah does have to deal with illness in her family, without getting too deep into spoiler territory.

And while we're on the subject, what do Alison Williams and Zosia Mamet have to be smiling about? Shoshanna and Ray broke up at the end of last season, and Marnie was about thirty seconds away from wedded bliss with Charlie in the final episode, before Christopher Abbott abruptly left the show over alleged disagreements with Lena. So that will be fun/confusing to explain in the first couple episodes.

Bottom line, I don't have the first idea what this show is about anymore, and judging by the poster — neither do they.

Season three of Girls premieres Sunday, January 12th, at 10:00pm on HBO. (Or, if we're being honest with ourselves, it goes live at 11:00pm on your friend's HBOGo account that you use on the sly. Let's not pretend anyone you know pays for the actual channel and gets to watch it live.)

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