Watch: The Guys Of HBO’s Girls Delivering A Teaser For Next Season

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The wildly anticipated second season of Girls returns to HBO in January, and it's safe to say that I am pretty effing excited. As begrudgingly as I enjoy Lena Dunham herself, I am fully and wholeheartedly in support of her little showbaby, so I will drool with anticipation over any preview or promo clip or rumor I can get my hands on.

So imagine my excitement when the internet yielded up this video of all the guys of Girls sitting around a table with Lena giving a brief little teaser of their character arcs next season. There's Adam Driver, who says that his character (also named Adam) will be wrestling with how strong his feelings actually were for Lena's character Hannah Horvath, and starting a new relationship. Lena says it was definitely an odd sensation, directing your on-screen boyfriend in scenes where he kisses another girl, and admits to feeling a little territorial about him. There's Alex Karpovsky whose reveals his character Ray will be softened a little by love next season as he starts seeing Zosia Mamet‘s character Shoshanna. We also have Christopher Abbot, who plays Marnie's ex-boyfriend Charlie, who will apparently be going back and forth between Marnie, played by Alison Williams, and this new lady named Audrey, trying desperately to figure himself out. And finally there's Hannaha's new roommate Elijah, played by Andrew Rannells, with whom she does a startling amount of cocaine, which we learn was actually just ground up B-12 vitamins.

And then Christopher grabs a fly directly out of the air and Andrew calls him ‘ninja' and all I want to do is hang out with this group of people or maybe just watch them be less successful than me on television and more successful than me in real life, starting on January 7th on HBO.