Does Chris Noth’s Visit To The Girls Set Mean That Mr. Big Will Make A Cameo?!

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Lena Dunham and her merry band of besties are currently shooting season 2 of Girls in New York City—and it looks like they attracted one of the locals. Writer Jenni Konner tweeted this photo of her and Lena getting cozy with none other than Chris Noth! I would hope that no matter your age you recognize the significance of this: Most of us know Noth as Mr. Big on Sex and the City, the cigar-smoking enigma who wouldn't give Carrie a key and cheated on his wife with her yet always rode up in his limo to rescue her.

I know it's far-fetched, but I couldn't help but wonder (see what I did there?) if Mr. Big could legitimately pop up on Girls next season. The show has suffered endless comparisons to its older, equally navel-gazing forebear since the pilot. We've wrestled with it, pointing out that while the latter's characters do owe facets to Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda, in many ways Hannah, Jessa, Marnie, and Shoshanna are actually more fully formed and less archetypal. However, bringing in this iconic male character would be a very witty, self-aware joke; plus, if you're shooting in NYC, why not take advantage of a national resource? It doesn't help that Lena and Jenni like to tease us, as Lena's tweet indicates:

Menage a Noth RT @campsucks: Spoiler alert?

Gothamist thinks that Aidan would be a much better choice for Lena's character Hannah Horvath, but considering how more than one of the Girls characters entered into questionable, self-destructive relationships with older men in season 1… yeah, Hannah still needs to get at least one Mr. Big out of her system before she can be happy. Of course, because Noth is 57 as opposed to 44 like he was during the original Sex and the City series, they'd have to play him just as arrogant but much creepier.

Carrie and Big, in the heartbreaking “Your girl is lovely, Hubbell” scene from season 1:

Christopher Noth visit Girls set Mr. Big cameo Carrie Big "your girl is lovely, Hubbell"

Photos: @lenadunham and HBO