Sorry ’90s Nostalgia Addicts, But The Girl Meets World Trailer Is Here And It Looks Pretty Bad

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Girl Meets World Family

So the Girl Meets World trailer is finally here and it's just as horrible as I promised you it would be last year. I'm not trying to gloat or anything, I'm just trying to remind you that I predicted this in hopes that you'll listen to me next time I try to warn you that you're misplacing your nostalgia.

Trust me, I miss the '90s just as much as you do. We had some great times back then! And if it's possible, I loved Boy Meets World more than you did. I sobbed before, during and after the series finale as if someone in my family had died. To put that in perspective, my grandfather did die that year. And truth be told, I think I cried the same amount for him as I did for Cory and Topanga. I'm not telling you that because I want you to diagnose me as a sociopath or because I'm trying to see who in my family really reads this site, but because I want you to understand how much I loved this show. And why I was so scared that the spin-off would ruin that love I have for it because it could never ever live up to my amazing memories.

And here we are, months later, watching a trailer for a show that appears to be just another cheesy Disney sitcom. Now there's nothing wrong with this if you're a 10-year-old kid meeting this family for the first time. But there's so very much wrong with it if you're an adult who remembers this show being the BEST THING EVER. But please, watch it and let me know if I'm wrong and that this is the show you remembering watching during TGIF.

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