These Photos From The Girl Meets World Set Just Caused Me To Contemplate The Meaning Of Life

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Girl Meets World Set Rider Strong and Will Friedle 20 Mar 2013

Guys, when did it become 2013? Seriously, when did that happen? Wasn't it just 1999 like yesterday? I ask you these questions because I just looked at these photos from the set of Boy Meets World spin-off Girl Meets World, and I am beginning to marvel at how fast time flies. It flies, like, really fast. Seeing Shawn and Eric (Rider Strong and Will Friedle, above) sporting beards and posing like dads is just too much for my brain to handle.

I know I'm not old, and my childhood isn't actually that far behind me, but there's something about seeing someone you haven't really paid attention to since you were a kid suddenly be a full-on adult that kind of shocks you into reevaluating how short life is (Jonathan Taylor Thomas is the exception and makes me feel like I have my whole life ahead of me). Sorry to get all philosophical on you when you probably just want to reminisce about your favorite '90s show. But what else am I here for other than to encourage you to treasure every moment and live every moment like you're dying? … Okay, point taken, let's move on.

Yesterday the newest members of the Meets World family tweeted on-set photos posing with the original show's grown-up stars during filming of the new pilot. Rowan Blanchard (above) will play Cory and Topanga's daughter, and Sabrina Carpenter (above and below) will play her best friend, the Shawn Hunter of the show, if you will.

Girl Meets World Set Rider Strong and Sabrina Carpenter 20 Mar 2013

And don't forget Mr. Feeny! Below are William Daniels and Maitland Ward, who played Rachel on Boy Meets World in the later seasons. Remember when Eric and Jack (Matthew Lawrence) both liked her and let her live with them? I don't, but that's probably just because I have temporary memory loss from having my mind blown by these pictures. Mr. Feeny is looking older, for sure, but he still looks like Feeny. William Daniels is also associated in my mind with my nerdy Revolutionary War obsession in elementary school, when I watched him play John Adams in the musical 1776 over and over again. So it's particularly nice to see a picture of him onset.

Girl Meets World Set William Daniels (Feeny) and Maitland Ward 21 Mar 2013Ugh, Girl Meets World. You're giving me so many existential thoughts. I hope the kids who watch you understand the significance of this moment.

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