Girl Meets World Better Explain How Cory Matthews Was Able To Afford A 10K Engagment Ring In High School

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Boy Meets World cast

In case you didn't know, Girl Meets World is definitely happening you guys!  Unlike the Clarissa Explains It All revival, this is going to be an actual show on television.  Earlier this week, some cast members tweeted photos that blew our minds and made me feel incredibly old.

Yesterday, Danielle Fischel tweeted an on-set photo of her and Ben Savage wearing Cory and Topanga's wedding rings.  Which still made me feel old, but also a little confused.  Assuming that present-day Cory isn't a Silicon Valley millionaire who upgraded his wife's engagement ring when he hit it big, how in God's name did a senior in high school afford THIS:

Cory and Topanga Wedding Bands

Cory and Topanga Wedding Bands 2


I mean, unless that thing came out of a quarter machine, there's no way that's a realistic rock for two ridiculously young kids getting married.

Anyhoo- Just like Boy Meets World, the show will focus on their 13-year-old daughter Riley growing up and the challenges she faces along the way.  Danielle also tweeted earlier this month that a deal was close to being sealed in time for Thanskgiving this year.

Looking forward to my questions being answered and my childhood being restored!

(Photo: Buzzfeed)