Ginnifer Goodwin Doesn’t Get Why It’s Weird To Be On Weight Watchers At Age 9

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Ginnifer Goodwin, the adorable actress from HBO's Big Love, caused some controversy last month for a few quotes she gave to Health magazine. Mainly she mentioned that she noticed she was fat as a little kid. And to stay skinny, she's been on Weight Watchers since the age of nine. And stranger? She doesn't understand why.

According to People:

“I was like ‘No!' I've never had body issues, I've never had an eating disorder. I've never had to go on a diet and that's because of Weight Watchers.”

What happened in the Health interview? Here's The Daily News‘ summary:

Goodwin, who became engaged to boyfriend of two years, actor Joey Kern, in late December, explained that even at 9 years old, she “began to identify [herself] as fat” and knew she needed a change.

Her mother, she said, played a large role in helping her lose weight – the healthy way.

“Her reaction was not, ‘Oh, I'll help you get skinny,'” Goodwin said.

“My mother's reaction was, ‘Why don't we all go and learn a little more about our health.'”

Since then, Ginnifer has been extremely mindful of what she eats, and slowly lots weight. Since then, she just keeps very careful track of what she eats, and says she eats extremely healthy. Especially compared to LA girls on what she calls the “Cocaine and Cigarettes Diet”:
“I see girls who haven't had a carbohydrate in three years,” she said. “The second you go back to eating right, you're going to put that weight on. You eat one piece of bread and you are screwed, lady!”
Sure. Ginnifer is promoting more healthy eating than the average Hollywood starlet does. But here's the thing. Actresses aren't normal. And when you start thinking that, you start recommending things like kids being on Weight Watchers from the age of nine.