Important Gilmore Girls Update: Creator Answers Whether Melissa McCarthy Will Return (UPDATED)

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Now that we've somewhat calmed down from the massive news that Gilmore Girls is officially, really, for sure coming back for another season, it's time to answer some important questions. Like what residents of Stars Hollow will be returning for the revival? We know Lauren Graham (Lorelai), Alexis Bledel (Rory) Kelly Bishop (Emily) and Scott Patterson (Luke) will all be there. Keiko Agena (Lane), Sean Gunn (Kirk) and Yanic Truesdale (Michel) also confirmed they are returning.

So the big question is if Sookie St. James aka Melissa McCarthy will also be back? Well, according to creator Amy Sherman-Palladino we shouldn't get our hopes too high. Mainly because Melissa is “really f**cking busy” as Amy puts it. In an interview with TVLine, Amy reveals she didn't write any scenes for Sookie, who will still be mentioned in the episodes, but is leaving the door open for Melissa. Amy said:

… the thing I have said [to her team] is, ‘Look, if Melissa is available and has an afternoon free, I’ll write her a scene. Melissa was one of us. If she has a spare moment to run over [to the set] — even if for just a cameo — we would be totally game. And if it’s a last-minute thing, I would write her in and we would figure it out. That’s the way we left it.

Amy adds that simply scheduling Melissa in would have been “impossible” but that if she was available on a particular day “they would put her right in.”

So Melissa, I know you're off being fabulous, but could you please take a second to run over and bring Sookie St. James back to life for us. That'd be great. Thanks.


UPDATE: In a surprising turn of events, Melissa responded to Gilmore Girls reunion rumors by saying she wasn't even invited to come back. What?! The actress replied to a Twitter follower pleading with her to return soon after the TVLine interview came out.

Well, this is awkward. We need Taylor to call a town meeting to settle this.