16 Reasons Netflix Needs To Bring Back Gilmore Girls Again

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1. You need more Jess


If you're like most Gilmore Girls fans, then you spent most of your time spent watching the new Netflix episodes waiting with baited breath for Milo Ventimiglia aka Jess Mariano. You pretty much jumped out of your seat every time you saw him. It was epic and magical.
But by the time you finished the “Fall” episode, you were devastated. Why? Because it just simply wasn't enough Jess for you — or for any sane human being. Okay, so he could be in every single scene and you would still complain that it wasn't enough, but you want more episodes so Jess can be in more of them. It's not that much to ask for.
We get that Milo's on This is Us now, but would he really turn down the chance to keep writing Jess' story?