16 Reasons Netflix Needs To Bring Back Gilmore Girls Again

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The WB

November 25, 2016, was a day that you waited for. And waited for. And waited for. Unlike most things that are hyped to the max, this didn't disappoint. When the four episode Gilmore Girls revival aired on Netflix that day, it was almost too much to handle. So much excitement. So much nostalgia. And so much coffee. You watched the entire thing within a 24-hour period and maybe even started the whole entire series again from the beginning. What can you say? You loved being back in Stars Hollow and after you had already returned, you didn't want to leave. It was so great to hang out with Lorelai and Rory Gilmore again.

Since that day and since you found out what those super mysterious final four words were, you've been waiting again. But this time, you're waiting for news that there is going to be a second season of the revival and that the story is going to be continued. There's no official word — just a lot of “we'll see” — and you can't even, you want more episodes so badly.

Keep reading to see all the reasons why Netflix needs to bring back Gilmore Girls again.