Gilmore Girls 6.11 “The Perfect Dress”

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Gilmore Girls 6.11 "The Perfect Dress"
Original Air Date: January 10, 2006 (Recap date: April 30, 2008)
Recap & Discussion

Discussion Questions:

  • Do you think Rory can handle a work load in excess of what she had before at Yale? With the paper and also her job?
  • Why does Lorelai have no opinions about her wedding?
  • Where is Rory's old furniture from Yale?
  • Why is Lane taking out her anger on Mrs. Kim?
  • Do you like the wedding dress that Lorelai found?
  • Is Logan trying to get Rory back?
  • Was it inconsiderate for Lorelai to plan the entire wedding without Luke's input?
  • Was everything fate, as Lorelai saw it?
  • Why does Luke seem so overwhelmed by the wedding date?
  • Do you think Lorelai overreacted to seeing Rory's place?
  • Why does Lane not want to talk with Zack?
  • Has Rory realized she needs to stand on her own feet? Live without the privilege of the Gilmore money?
  • Why is Lorelai questioning if the wedding was too easy to plan? Is she worried about herself, or do you think she can sense something with Luke?
  • Why does Luke insist on chipping in?
  • Why does Rory think that Logan broke up with her, if their fight was initiated by her?
  • Why did Logan wait so long to contact Rory? Was he a coward?
  • Do you think Rory wanted to hear what Logan had to say? That he loved her?
  • Does Rory view stealing the boat as a bonding experience with Logan?
  • Is Lane ready to move on?
  • Is Luke ready to be a father?
  • Luke seemed on the point of telling Lorelai, but then changes his mind. Why does he change his mind? Why does he keep it a secret?

Gilmore Girls Episode Recap:

Kirk grabs his own coffee from behind the counter, trying for the same special treatment that Lorelai gets.

Lorelai and Rory come tumbling in with bags and souvenirs from their trip to Atlantic City. They had a great time. They pretended Rory was turning 21 while playing 21, and actually won, allowing them to buy their 21 items. They had a list of phone numbers for guys too. Sadly, they didn't get to see the real Paul Anka, the show had closed. They saw Tony Danza instead. They brought back Luke a Paul Anka t-shirt though.

Rory tells Luke they saw his Doppelganger – Luke 2.0, they're calling him. So, they followed him to get his photo, and tracked him to the backstage of a club. They show Luke a photo of a man dressed in drag as Dolly Parton – his "double."

Rory has her car all packed for her trip back to Yale. She realizes she forgot to turn in her community service vest, and doesn't want to get more community service for stealing it. Lorelai will take it back. Rory is on her way to Paris', where she'll be living. Then she needs to beg around campus to load up her course load in order to catch up. She also has to meet with the Dean and with the psychologist – a requirement of returning from a break. Lorelai worries about the "head shrinking." Paul Anka is sitting in Rory's car, so Rory can gloat that he likes her better. Paul Anka then runs after the car as Rory drives away.

Sookie is helping Lorelai to plan her wedding – Lorelai has no ideas for it yet. Luke wants them to free up the table, as they've been hogging it for two hours. Sookie tells Luke about her role as BFOTB (best friend of the bride) which include planning the wedding and keeping Luke out of it. He was trying to insist Lorelai have a white wedding dress.

Lane is a little sour, but Lorelai has no chance to ask why. She has to set a date for the wedding. Sookie has a list of conflicting dates for the whole town, despite Luke saying they're not going to move the wedding for people he doesn't know.

Paris brings Rory to apartment 8 in their rundown apartment building. After showing her how to unbolt all the locks in the right sequence and to kick the door twice, they go in. Paris continues explaining their security precautions, including the dog bark on tape. Paris is sure Rory will figure out the difference between a car backfiring and gunfire in no time. Doyle attacks Paris suddenly and pins her to the floor – they've been particing Krav Maga, a hand-to-hand style of self-defense. Paris and Doyle suit up for a formal re-match.

Lorelai and Sookie are out looking for a wedding invitations store, but are lost. Sookie spots a "Something Old, Something New" bridal shop and suggests they go in. Lorelai may not know what she wants, and may want to make it, but it's fun to try. They walk inside and the store is silent. But Lorelai is drawn to a single dress – the perfect dress. Elegant, blush satin with a sequined and flowered bodice. It's in Lorelai's size, too, and it's on sale! Lorelai gasps and decides to try it on.

Lane comes home to Mrs. Kim's anything but chipper. Lane is very tart with Mrs. Kim, telling her she's going to listen to her music, and that's the way it is!

Rory runs to a Professor Jeline to ask for a spot in her class. To show enthusiasm before the add/drop begins tomorrow, in hopes of scoring a spot. Rory turns the corner and Logan is waiting at the coffee cart for her. He knew she'd be there eventually. He's smiling, and Rory is frozen. She decides to turn around and walk away.

Lorelai walks into the diner saying "We're all done" – the wedding planning, it's all done. From the caterer to the perfect dress. She describes the dress for Luke. From the minute she bought the dress, everything else came together.

The dress was strapless, and that meant summer wedding, which meant daisies, which they found on the perfect invitations, and the shop even mails the invites for you! Lorelai has bought them, and put deposits on the caterer and also a rose-covered church. A church with a beautiful hall out back, and a carousel out back of that.

"And it should be fully restored and working by June third which by the way is the date of our wedding"

Lorelai smiles broadly. Lorelai sayes June 3rd is also a date with no conflicts in Stars Hollow and that she got the hall at half price, and the pastor's sister does catering, and Sookie "blessed" it, so it's all done! Lorelai says the dress was a sign. Luke says there are no signs, but then it starts to snow! The first snow!

"This is more than weather. This is fate."

Luke says June 3rd is soon, less than 5 months away. Lorelai squeaks with delight then runs off home, telling Luke he can go to get his tuxedo (which she picked out) altered at any time. Luke takes a seat, like the weight is on his shoulders.

Paris gives Rory back a spot on the Features team for the Yale Daily News. Paris makes sure everyone there knows that her door is not open to them, ever. Rory points out to Paris, privately, that some of her new rules are harsh. Like the locks on the bathroom door. Paris thinks the best art is written in depravation.

Logan wishes to return to the paper – Rory tells Paris they broke up. After Logan tries to tap Rory on the elbow, Paris asks to talk with Logan about his future. Paris says the Huntzberger name won't run the paper any longer. Logan leans back to get a look at Rory while Paris talks. But Rory is not at her desk.

Rory tries to sell Lorelai on how great her apartment is. Lorelai keeps saying "no, no, no" to everything about it until she eventually drags Rory out.

Lane is helping her mom in the store and is driving a hard sell – she wants to increase the prices during negotiations. Mrs. Kim lectures Lane on her sales tactics – there's a hard bargain, then there's getting the customer to come back. Lane says she's not in the mood. Zack comes in and Lane goes over to him telling him he has a lot of nerve walking in like that. He thinks Lane has one of his CDs and wants to check her room. Zack just wants to be alone with Lane, even for five minutes, but she tosses him out of the store. Lane yells "you break it, you buy it" to a customer then storms upstairs.

Lorelai tells Rory her apartment is Anegla's Ashes, not rustic. Lorelai wants to call Chris to pay for a place, but Rory says she's supposed to live in a crappy place in college. It's more right than living in a poolhouse with maids and fresh flowers.

Rory asks about the wedding plans, and Lorelai says it's all done. Including a dress and shoes for Rory. Lorelai's not feeling good about it anymore, though. That perhaps it was not fate, that it being too easy was not a good thing. Lorelai is also questioning why she hasn't freaked out about marrying Luke, like she did with Max.

"What if the dress is really a bad sign and not a good sign? What if the dress is telling me that it's so right it's wrong?"

Lorelai questions if she's about to bail and doesn't even know it. Rory tells her it's right, it's all right. And that the snow never lies. Lorelai then jokes that Rory's dress is a tangerine hoop skirt with ruffles.

Luke knocks on the door of Anna Nardini and asks to come in. April is not there, but he came by to see Anna. Anna makes Luke some tea and tells him about her boutique. Luke comes right out and asks why Anna didn't tell him, that it's a simple phone call.

Anna said she found out she was pregnant after she and Luke had broken up and she knew Luke hated kids. He tries to protest, but he did at the time. Luke says it may not have been like that with his kid, and even if he were, he had a right to know. Luke says he could have helped and paid for stuff, but Anna didn't need that.

Luke says that now that he knows, he has to do something. Anna says they don't need anything, that contacting Luke was April's idea in order to win the science fair. April had found enough clues in Anna's old letters to piece it together on her own. Luke wants to live up to his end of the bargain, even without contact. Anna says again that they want for nothing, but that if he wants to chip in, he can. Luke beams. Before he leaves, Anna asks if Luke is happy, and he says he is.

Rory comes home to find Logan waiting for her with, what is now cold, coffee. Rory tries to unlock her door and ignore him. Logan says the place is a dump, that Rory can't live there. Rory says he has no say anymore, that he broke up with her… through Honor! Rory calls him a coward for not telling her himself.

Logan says he needed time, and at the time he believed they were broken up. He says he can't take the drama. He doesn't fight. Rory says people fight, and that he shouldn't be in a relationship if he can't handle it. Which, he's not anymore. Rory tells him to go away. But Logan has more to say:

"I thought that I wanted to break up. I thought that it was a stupid experiment, me trying to be a boyfriend, and that it didn't work and I'd just move on. And I didn't. Couldn't, actually. Rory! I love you!"

Rory was gathering up her stuff while he talked but seems more angry with what he has to say than anything. She yells that she has an appointment.

Rory is at her psychologist appointment and it starts right into her falling out with Lorelai and her dropping out of Yale. The psychologists file is pretty detailed as far as her yacht stealing goes, so he has a lot of questions. Rory says she was upset "about life, and things and – stuff."

The psychologist notices that Rory is not keen to talk about any of this, and she admits she's sick of talking about it. He points out that Rory seems agitated. Logan comes up, and that's quite a spark for Rory. She calls herself a moron for thinking they were on a break. Rory yells if his notes include Logan in her hallway that day:

"He's gone, and then he shows up out of the blue, "You can't live here! This place is a dump! And by the way, I love you!" I love you? Is he serious?"

Rory continues getting emotional about it, asking what happens now? Does she just get another Birkin bag and wait for him to not love her again. She stole a boat with him, she never did that with Dean! The psychologist asks who Dean is, and Rory explains:

"My married ex-boyfriend who I lost my virginity to!"

The psychologist just says Wow. Rory isn't sure what to do, she's going to keep running into Logan everywhere. She thinks she'll have to give up coffee. And she loves coffee. More hysterical crying.

Luke is traipsing around town with Kirk trying to find wireless access to look up a website. Luke wants some privacy from Kirk while looking it up on the laptop. Luke goes to April Nardini's website. He looks over some of the pictures from her childhood and nearly tears up.

At the end of the day, Lane is ready to just go to her room. Mrs. Kim demands she come downstairs and follow her around why they cover all the windows. Mrs. Kim climbs to her top cupboard and pulls down a bottle of alcohol and two small glasses. She pours a shot for each of them. Mrs. Kim says it's been six weeks since she came home and they have grieved, but now it's time to move on. Lane nods with a small smile and drinks. They go for round two.

Lorelai is examining her wedding dress. Paul Anka barks at it, and Lorelai takes that as an agreement that there is something weird about it. But he was just barking to have access to one of Lorelai's shoes in the closet.

Rory calls Lorelai to say "guess who's crazy?" Rory says she went all Francis Farmer in the psychologist's office. That Logan was waiting for her at home and told her he loved her. But, the questions the psychologist was throwing at her right after just made her more upset and she exploded. Went through two boxes of Kleenex and hyperventilated. Now the psychologist Dr. Shapiro wants Rory to come there once a week for two months – so she'll have some time to figure out if Logan meant what he said. Lorelai's sage piece of advice is to blame it all on Emily. Lorelai keeps looking at ther dress.

Luke looks nervous. He unfolds a piece of paper and calls Anna Nardini saying he saw April's pictures. He wants to know why April was wearing a back brace in one of the photos. Anna says April had just read Deenie. Luke says he should have known… about it all. About her phases and that she had the same nose as him. Luke has some demands: he wants contact. To see April on a regular basis, to know his own daughter.

Anna says if April wants to, she's cool. April's not there now, but Luke will call back later to ask. He then asks about Deenie, and Anna suggests it would be a good time to read it.

Luke comes home to Lorelai's, calling out for her to come down. He wants to talk to her. Lorelai says she's coming down, but in her wedding dress. Luke says that's bad luck, but she feels there's something not right and needs him to see it. Luke says she's perfect. Luke gives Lorelai a big kiss and she comes away grinning. Lorelai runs back upstairs to change and Luke heaves a huge sigh.

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