Gilmore Girls 6.01 “The New and Improved Lorelai Gilmore”

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Gilmore Girls 6.01 "The New and Improved Lorelai Gilmore"
Original Air Date: September 13, 2005 (Recap date: April 16, 2008)
Recap & Discussion

The New and Improved Lorelai Gilmore

Discussion Questions:

  • Is Lorelai surprised that Luke said yes?
  • Is Lorelai ready to be married? Or is she trying to escape her pain?
  • Do you think it weird that Lorelai & Luke didn't hug or kiss after Luke said yes?
  • Have Luke & Lorelai ever said "I love you"?
  • How come it's pitch black when the gazebo lights go off? What about the street lamps?
  • Why does Luke feel the need to clear the air about kids?
  • Is it easier for Luke to talk to Lorelai about these things when she's half-asleep?
  • Do you think Luke wants two or more kids?
  • Is it a big deal that Lorelai proposed, not Luke?
  • Why is Lorelai blowing off being involved in Rory's court case?
  • Does Rory believe she is truly in dependant when she lives in the pool house, for free, with her grandparents?
  • Is Lorelai's treatment of "tough love" the right choice?
  • Is Logan disappointed with Rory's choice to leave Yale? Why?
  • Is Lorelai being immature by not showing up to Rory's hearing?
  • Do you think Lorelai is the true cause of the estrangement with Rory?
  • Is Lorelai's anger with her parents preventing her from seeing what she's doing to her relationship with Rory?

Gilmore Girls Episode Recap:

This season, we pick right up with Lorelai asking Luke to marry her. After the shock, with no hesitation, Luke says yes! He doesn't need a minute. I think it's still stunning them both. They smile, Lorelai recovers from her own shock that she and Luke will be getting married. They have not hugged yet, but they do want to celebrate the moment somehow.

Luke has nothing sparkly to toast with, so Lorelai tries to pull him out of the diner. Luke stops them, wanting to be sure that Lorelai wants to celebrate now, after how upset she was just a moment before…

"I just wanna be happy right now."

Taylor has had enough of waiting for the rest of the bikers. He wants everything torn down, even though no trophies have been awarded. So Taylor throws the trophies at the winners.

Luke and Lorelai go to Doose's to look for some bubbly, but it's closed.

"I hate small town hours. As soon as we get married, we have to move."

Taylor comes by to say that the market is closed. Lorelai decides to tell him their big news, but he whines about having to hear it. Taylor thought it was more likely that the Beatles get back together than that Luke & Lorelai would settle down. Lorelai asks for Taylor to open the store, but that just gives Taylor an opportunity to lecture about needing alcohol to celebrate. He caves, though, and Luke & Lorelai go for their booze – but all Taylor has is $5.99 champagne. Ick. Apparently the bikers wiped out Taylor's stock of booze. Taylor does recall that he has a case of Zima, which excites Lorelai. Luke says men are not supposed to drink Zima, but Lorelai wants to celebrate now (vs. driving to Woodbrdige for the Liquor Barn).

Lorelai shoos the bikers from the gazebo, her perfect toasting spot. Luke pulls out the Zima and they toast "to us"… then the gazebo lights go out! They yell at Taylor to turn them back on, then Luke pulls Lorelai close to kiss her.

The New and Improved Lorelai Gilmore

Lorelai is very comfortable in bed. She suggests they drin Zima and have sex every night, she's so comfortable and happy. Lorelai says goodnight… but Luke has to clear something up.

"So, when I said ‘What about the kids', I didn't mean our kids. I mean, yes, obviously ‘what about our kids,' but I didn't mean we had to have any kids, cause we don't. But, we can. I just didn't want you to think that I was laying down some kind of a mandate. I mean, kids, it's plural, so… sounds like a lot. But we can just have one kid. One's fine. Or more, if you want more. Or we don't have to have any kids. Just get a plant."

Lorelai mumbles, "what?", because she's asleep and didn't hear it. Luke keeps going.

"I bought a house. The Twickham house. I bought it for us. I don't have it anymore. I can probably get it back. But I just thought you should know that I bought it. For the kids… that we don't have to have. It's a big house, and you don't have to fill it up with kids. We can get furniture, you know. Go shopping for a couch, get some end tables… I hate shopping for furniture. For me, kids are easier."

Lorelai mumbles that she loves shopping. Luke asks if "this" is really happening. Lorelai rolls over with a smile and says yes. Then everything Luke says registers for Lorelai, and she sits up saying that Luke bought a house without telling her. A house full of kids. She asks Luke not to do that. Luke agrees to include Lorelai in future life-changing decisions. They lie back down and Lorelai says:

"Kids would be good."

Luke just smiles.

The next morning, Luke is very chipper for his customers. Miss Patty and Babette come in looking for Luke. They are happy Luke "finally did it", he "closed the deal". But they had to find out from East Side Tilly, which makes them unhappy. Miss Patty & Babette want oodles of details about how Luke proposed. Luke is able to evade that question in mentioning he hasn't picked out a ring for Lorelai yet. When Luke does tell them that Lorelai proposed to him, they just go "oh" in a disappointed way.

There are a couple of young kids with little guitars hanging out listening to the Troubadour play. Lorelai notices that a For Sale sign is going up on the Twickham property. The realtor tells Lorelai it would be a great house for kids, which evokes a "Oh, not you too" response from Lorelai.

Richard calls Lorelai to talk about Rory's court appearance. Richard has used a favor to get a prominent lawyer, Charlie Davenport, to take on Rory's case. Lorelai is being very curt on the phone, showing very little interest in the proceedings. Richard notices. Lorelai leaves the meeting with Charlie Davenport up to Richard. Richard is fuming when he hangs up.

At 8:30 that morning, Emily comes striding into Rory's bedroom in the pool house with the maid. Rory is still sleeping. The maid pulls the pillow out from under Rory's head, and Emily goes on about getting a decorator in to redo the pool house. There is food and coffee ready for Rory in the other room. Emily gives Rory the keys and passwords, including the "11111" password still set for the panic room. Emily asks after Rory's other stuff, and when Rory says it's at Lorelai's, Emily says she'll take care of it.

Rory asks how things went with her mom the previous night, if Lorelai was mad. Emily admits it was dramatic, but expects Lorelai will calm down in time. Richard calls on the intercom to say that Charlie Davenport is there to meet with Rory.

The "meeting" with Charlie Davenport is mostly just Richard and Charlie remembering old times. Richard gloats about how many truly guilty criminals that Charlie has put back on the streets. They do get around to her case eventually, and Rory asks what will happen. Charlie says he'll take the prosecutor for coffee and probably get a plea, down to maybe 10 hours of community service.

Rory goes back to the pool house to find that it's been completely cleaned out of all furniture and knick knacks. There are some chairs with fabric samples that have "sit on me" signs. Rory's new decor begins!

Paris has come for a visit, and is worried Rory will sleep walk into the pool and drown. Paris needs to borrow some clothes to meet more of Doyle's family. Paris tells Rory that she and Doyle plan to move in together, and have a second bedroom that is open for Rory. Paris doesn't understand, when she hears, why Rory needs to take time off Yale. Rory says she is in dependant, a grown up on her own. Paris thinks Logan is in some way involved, so when he comes in she scowls at him.

Luke is fighting with his antique cash register. Kirk comes in with a bin full of rings – he has one of the finest estate ring collections in Connecticut. Kirk asks if he should be talking to Lorelai, and if Lorelai would be the one to pay for the ring. Luke isn't interested in looking at Kirk's rings, but they catch his eye. Luke finds a ring he thinks is perfect – he thinks it looks like Lorelai.

Kirk says he has certificates of authenticity for all the rings. He befriends really old women – he listens to their stories, something they don't get much of in their old age. And, after it all, they are grateful. Kirk then brings up Lorelai's proposal, saying he sympathizes with Lorelai stealing his thunder. He thinks it must be embarrassing and upsetting for Luke.

"Now you'll never have that moment. You won't get to be the romantic one, to sweep her off her feet."

Luke says he's fine. Kirk says he's been thinking of proposing to Lulu, and is afraid Lulu will spring it on him first. So, he's been avoiding Lulu and hanging up on her. He won't be robbed of his moment! Luke says he'll have his moment. Luke buys the ring, which belonged to old widow Mason.

Logan has in mind a simple evening, just a drink, dinner and movie. Rory doesn't believe he's capable of such a mellow evening. And he's not! They arrive to a party, where everyone is dressed in prison stripes. When Rory and Logan open the door, they begin to sing "For she's a jolly good felon.."

Luke is waiting for Lorelai to get ready. Paris drops by furious after hearing that Rory quit Yale. Paris thinks they, and in particular Lorelai, need to do something. Paris says that Rory has been her only challenge at school, and is afraid she'll get lazy without her there. Rory is Paris' only friend, and she needs her. Lorelai says that Paris can call her if she needs to, even if she isn't quite Rory.

Luke wants to know what Lorelai has planned for Rory. Lorelai says she plans to do nothing. That Rory is an adult and needs to be allowed to make her own mistakes. Lorelai knows that she wouldn't listen to anyone when she was pregnant with Rory, and that Rory won't either. She has to go through it on her own. Lorelai says it's tough love.

Finn & Colin are challenging each other about who is the bigger time waster. They nominate Logan as the biggest sloth. Rory plans to give Logan a run for his money this year. Alone later, Logan gives Rory one month – he thinks she'll be back in school by then. Logan doesn't think Rory's love of school can just go away.

 "I have reformed. From now on, no more scheduling, no more planning. I am just going to spend my days making ice cream beer floats and just taking life as it comes. You'll see: new me."

Rory goes to dance. Logan looks disappointed.

A sweaty biker is leaning on the counter, which is too much for Michel to bear. He disinfects it. Lorelai saves Michel from making the customer unhappy. But she does usher him out with pleasantries so that he doesn't sit on the furniture. Michel then sanitizes the wall he was leaning against, at Lorelai's request.

Emily comes to get Rory's things from Lorelai's house. Lorelai sent Michel to open the door, so that she wouldn't have to be there. Emily is speechless. She doesn't know what to do or what to take. Emily goes to Rory's room and finds nothing packed. Emily yells at Michel, because she needs to find Rory something to wear to court and nothing is organized.

Emily has picked out a new outfit for Rory and they are waiting in court. When the court is called to order, it turns out that Charlie Davenport didn't even know that Rory's name was Lorelai! The judge asks Rory to stand to agree to the guilty plea. Rory looks around for her mom, and doesn't see her. The judge looks at the recommended 20 hours of community service, but Rory's lawyer tries to play that down as simply a "childish lark" (smiling back at Richard as he does so), but the judge is acute in noting that Rory goes to a prestigious school and she has issues with rich privileged children viewing the world as their playground. Instead, the judge orders 300 hours of community service to be completed within six months, plus one year's probation.

Rory protests that it's too much time, that she needs a job. The judge says Rory should have thought of that before, and that if in 5 years Rory doesn't do anything more, she can have the issue expunged from her record. Emily freaks about Rory having a record. Richard gets up to yell at Charlie. Richard even wants to consider a court trial, but Rory yells no. Charlie tries to say it's not a big deal, but Richard is furious with him, favor or not. Richard plans to sue Charlie now.

Rory pulls Richard aside to ask if he told Lorelai about the court date. Richard said he did, but that Lorelai showed no interest in it.

Lorelai finds a note on her door, presumably from Emily. She rips it up. There are more notes inside. Emily has left a surly voice message about how rude Lorelai was to invite her over and not be there. Lorelai talks back to the machine, saying she didn't invite Emily over. Emily then reads copies of all her notes for Lorelai. Lorelai packs up all of Rory's things.

Lorelai goes into Emily & Richard's bedroom, late that night when they are sleeping, and dumps a basket of Rory's things on the floor. Emily asks Lorelai to stop, that they know she's angry. Lorelai says Emily couldn't help being herself.

"The scorpion and the frog. It's an old story. The scorpion says to the frog, ‘Hey, frog. Give me a lift to the other side of the pond.‘ Frog says, ‘No way. You'll sting me and I'll die.' Scorpion says, ‘Will not! ‘Cause then we'd both drown.' Frog says ‘Cool.'

So, scorpion gets on the frog's back, and frog makes it to the middle of the pond, and the scorpion stings him. As the frog is going down, he says, ‘Why would you do that? Now we'll both die.' Scorpion says, ‘Sorry, it's just my nature.‘ [She points to herself] Frog. [She points to them.] Scorpion.

Lorelai sarcastically says that now Emily & Richard have a shot at getting the daughter they've always wanted.

"Now you get your do-over. A new and improved Lorelai. Congrats. Very well played."

Richard says they were just trying to do the right thing, that they're striving for the same goal. Richard says they need Lorelai's input and involvement to get Rory back on track. Lorelai says her involvement ends there. Lorelai tells them they have won and that Rory is all theirs.

Kirk is asking Luke back for the ring. He thinks it's the one Lulu liked. Luke says no. Babette then comes running down the street to talk to Luke – she holds her boobs as she runs frantically to him. Babette heard a rumor about a rift between Rory and Lorelai and she wants confirmation. Luke admits it's true but that Lorelai has it under control.

Lorelai walks into Rory's empty room and turns off the light. She sits on the trunk at the foot of Rory's bed and just looks around. Lorelai throws her water bottle at the wall and starts to cry. Luke comes in the house saying:

"Full moon! Moment's here, let's go!"

Lorelai dries her tears and goes to meet Luke.

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