Gilmore Girls 3.22 “Those Are Strings, Pinocchio”

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Gilmore Girls 3.22 "Those Are Strings, Pinocchio"
Original Air Date: May 20, 2003 (Recap date: February 12, 2008)
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Discussion Questions:

  • Why doesn't Paris admit she wanted to be Valedictorian?
  • Did Emily & Richard want to give Rory the car to upstage or annoy Lorelai?
  • Why didn't Lorelai ask her parents for the money for Yale?
  • Should Lorelai sacrifice her dream of the Inn so that Rory does not have debt?
  • Why does lending Rory the money make Emily so happy?
  • Is it fair for Lorelai to be angry about the Yale money?
  • Do you think Emily wants to manipulate Rory or Lorelai?
  • Why doesn't Luke say he likes Lorelai, instead of hinting it?
  • Does Rory not know where Paris plans to go to school, and vice versa?
  • Why doesn't Jess talk to Rory?
  • Is Rory over Jess? Or does she want him to come back?
  • What do you think Luke will make of his dream?

Gilmore Girls Episode Recap & Photos:

Rory and Lorelai are realizing the downside of backpacking – the backpacks. Luke tells Lorelai not to take off her shoes then tells them about his road trip and cruise plans with Nicole. The girls tell him that smells of commitment – Lorelai sings ‘The Love Boat.' They hobble home.

Luke's inspection of the Dragonfly Inn comes up with ‘not so bad.' It will take money, but it's not a money pit – it may even be a steal.

Paris says she's ok that Rory made Valedictorian, but that was just a front for statistics about how many Valedictorians fail later in life. The seniors memorialize their thoughts in a video.

Michel and Sookie are bored at the Independence – there is only one guest and still no kitchen. They bicker. Mia's son John is there with men in suits looking at the Inn. Emily calls to see if they were sitting together at the graduation, making sure Lorelai knew they were still "family." But the point of the call is to ask if they can buy Rory a car for her graduation. Lorelai thinks it's a good idea – Rory can come home faster, so it's like a present for her too. Richard and Emily seem disappointed.

John says they need to close 3 more rooms, leaving only 2 open, and the repair costs are steep. Mia is leaning towards selling.

Lorelai comes over to Sookie & Jackson's to celebrate. Lorelai tells them the Inn is now closed. She's come to ‘celebrate the challenge.' There will be some severance pay then nothing. And Lorelai can no longer afford to buy the Dragonfly without an income. Oh, it's bad news for them all, but they smile and celebrate it.

After nearly putting the whole town to sleep with one town issue, Taylor says he wants to "partially eliminate" the deer now plaguing the town. He shows a "random" garden photo to show that the deer are eating crops. His garden. Rory is late to the meeting, but Lane passess her the 300 photos from the prom.

Rory asks Dean how the wedding planning is going. He seems cold, but Rory shares some good wedding tips and he's thankful. Rory has a catalog with ideas marked for Dean and Lindsay to pick their wedding gift. She wanted to get in her gift before they got it. Dean says thanks, and means it.

Sookie has an interview for a new chef job and she's nervous. Sookie lets slip they are no longer buying the Dragonfly, which Rory did not know. Rory thinks they have the rest of the money from Richard yet to spend – Lorelai tells her they didn't get Yale financial aid. Rory doesn't want that money to go to her education – would rather get a loan. Lorelai does not want Rory to be burdened with debt.

The Europe packing is not going well – they need to pack much lighter. Boots or books, both girls have their weaknesses. Rory loves her grad gift though (the trip).

It's the day of graduation and Rory goes to see her grandparents about a ‘time sensitive issue.' Rory asks for money for Yale, and sets out a payment plan to pay them back. They smile when Rory says she'll re-instate Friday night dinners. Richard would rather it be a gift, not a loan, but agrees to loan it if she payments don't start for 5 years after graduation. Emily asks if Lorelai knows she's there – Rory says no, it's her thing. Emily looks giddy.

Luke, Sookie & Jackson join Lorelai at Rory's graduation. Rory pages Lorelai to tell her to go bid on the Inn. That Emily & Richard are paying for Yale. Lorelai warns Rory about strings, but Rory walked into it knowing what she was asking for. Rory does not want Lorelai to defer her dream. Lorelai thinks it's all a ploy, that Emily wants to trick Lorelai back into dinners (Lorelai would go just to be with Rory). Lorelai says her parents are getting exactly what they want – Rory points out that everyone is getting what they want. Just once, Lorelai would like for her parents to get nothing. Just a petty thought.

Lorelai spots her parents sitting on their own, claiming the seating situation was not ‘fully resolved.' Then Emily is angry when Lorelai gives up on trying to get them to move, and they follow anyway. Lorelai introduces her parents to her friends, and they are surprised Christopher is not there (out on business, Lorelai says). Lorelai tells Sookie they can now buy the Inn. Sookie rushes to go call the lawyer. Lorelai has to encourage her parents to sit directly next to her.

Sookie returns saying she had to leave a message for the realtor. Paris says the Pledge of Allegiance with air quotes on those areas she objects to. Brad sings during his speech. Then Rory gives her speech.

Rory says she lives in two worlds – one of books, and one of love and inspiration, far superior. Rory calls her grandparents kind and generous, her twin pillars. But her ultimate inspiration is her mother:

"My mother never gave me any idea that I couldn't do whatever I wanted to do, or be whomever I wanted to be. She filled our house with love and fun and books and music, unflagging in her efforts to give me role models. From Jane Austen to Eudora Welty to Patti Smith.

As she guided me through these incredible 18 years, I don't know that she ever realized that the person I most wanted to be was her. Thank you mom, you are my guidepost for everything."

Lorelai and Sookie are blubbering, and even Luke and Jackson are crying.

But they recover and talk about the cost to insure the school before Rory goes up for her diploma. Paris, who comes before Rory, says "no hard feelings" to the Headmaster then waves at her guests (Nanny and her family – not her parents). Rory goes up ‘solemn like a Gilmore' then makes a face at Lorelai, who returns the gesture.

Sookie whispers the news to Lorelai, who writes it on the program for Rory to see – they got the Inn! Luke tells Rory she's amazing, then confesses to Lorelai he and Nicole may not be going on their trip. The timing is not right and things are ‘weird.' He doesn't want to lead Nicole on. Lorelai tells him to go, he likes Nicole.

"Really, you think that's ok, considering… I don't know… everything."

Lorelai says she does. Luke says he was probably nervous for nothing. They part for the summer.

Paris comes to say goodbye to Rory and to wish her luck. They admit they hated each other most of the time. Still worth a hug. Richard presents Rory with her gift – the "one with the bow." Which of the dozen cars with bows? A Toyota Prius. They thank Rory for her speech and tell her to have fun in Europe. She wishes the same to Lorelai, and will see them at the next dinner.

Rory gets a call, but the caller hangs up. Rory has been getting a lot of those. Fairly sure it's Jess, Rory goes inside to see if she can get him to talk. Tells him he didn't handle things well, that he could have told her everything, and that he left again without saying goodbye. Rory says she's moving on.

"I think I may have loved you, but I just need to let it go."

Still talking to herself, Rory nearly cries and tells Jess she hopes he's good. Then says goodbye. It was Jess. He heard it all. And just walks away.

Lorelai comes by to see Luke before they get ready to go to Europe. She wants to say something to Luke before he goes on his trip. "Don't get engaged." She smiles, and leaves. But, alas, it was a dream. And Luke wakes up.

The real Lorelai takes Rory down the hall – she wants them to leave their mark. But the whole building is historical, and Rory won't deface it. The moment passes. Lorelai tells Rory to look around and notice – Chilton is not so scary anymore. They leave.

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