Gilmore Girls 2.19 “Teach me Tonight”

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Gilmore Girls 2.19 "Teach me Tonight"
Original Air Date: April 30, 2002 (Recap date: January 7, 2008)
Recap & Discussion


Discussion Questions:

  • Jess is not doing well in school – why? And why does the principal suggest a tutor as the answer, and not simply ensuring Jess goes to school and does his homework?
  • Why can't they just rent a movie for the movie night?
  • Does Luke ask Rory to tutor Jess because he hopes she will be able to get him back to class?
  • Why doesn't Lorelai share her fears about Jess and Rory to Luke?
  • Why does Rory say to keep driving?
  • Was Jess flirting when he says ‘as you wish.'?
  • Why does Lorelai assume Jess is at fault? Why does she not see it was an accident?
  • Why did Jess leave the hospital?
  • Jess must feel horrible for hurting Rory – can nobody but Luke see this?
  • Rory apologizes to her mom – does she have anything to apologize for?
  • Did Jess leave on his own, or did Luke send him away? In either case, why?
  • How would you feel, as Rory, knowing Jess left without talking to her?
  • Does Lorelai feel responsible? Is the happy?

Gilmore Girls Episode Recap:

Lorelai is enjoying making up a conspiracy theory against Marty, the bag boy temping for Dean while he's visiting his grandmother. It's almost ‘movie in the square' night. Taylor won't tell Lorelai what the movie is. Because he chose ‘The Yearling' again. For the 4th time. He refuses then gives up – Lorelai can choose the movie. One that everyone will enjoy.

Chris calls for Rory but can't talk for long. Won't speak with Lorelai. Rory wants to know what they're fighting about. Lorelai changes the subject to the movies.

Lane is writing a final exam. Jess sneaks into the class late Рthe test is almost over. Tries to get Lane to give him a pen Рwhich, when he gets it, he uses to make margin  notes in a novel instead of writing the test.

Luke is called to the principal's office. Jess is not attending classes, is hostile or indifferent to teachers, does not do his homework, interact with other students. And baseballs are going missing. First, they need to pull up his grades. The principal suggests a tutor. Without intervention, Jess will have to repeat the year.

Taylor brings in a binder of available movie titles – ones that are affordable for the town to see. Don't look promising.

Luke confronts Jess – Jess smiles about the baseballs. But simply wants to run out on the conversation. Insults Luke about ‘working in a diner' if he doesn't go to college.

Lorelai has reviewed all their choices – The Yearling it is.

Luke comes over with brownies. Asks to speak with Rory in private. Asks Rory to tutor Jess – knows that it's not a lack of smarts, but rather Jess' absense from class. She agrees – they start that night.

Lorelai is not so thrilled about the idea – says to Luke that Rory has her own studies. Luke says he needs someone Jess is going to look up to – some tutor won't cut it. He likes Rory. From one parent to another, Lorelai does understand.

Kirk asks Lorelai to screen his short at the movie night. Lorelai is stalling and Rory knows it. Rory tells her it's just studying and they are doing it at the diner. But Rory asks Lorelai to lie to Dean if he calls – she's not happy about that. Jess comes down and is overly sarcastic with Lorelai before she leaves. He tries to get her to ditch studying and go for a movie, then does a magic trick for her to give her an apple.

All Jess wants to do is ‘pry into Rory's personal life', as he puts it. Keeps changing the subject away from studying. She lays down the law – he studies or she goes. Rory does question why he agreed to study with her – she knows he never does anything because someone says he has to. He makes a deal – they get ice cream, he'll study. Rory tells Jess to drive (her car) while she reads him Othello.

He is driving and eating his ice cream cone at the same time. He lets go of the wheel to play games with her – but he does take it back when she freaks out. She asks him seriously why he's not doing his school work – that he's smarter than all the other kids and could be anything he wants to be. Jess says he's never going to college. Jess says his mom, her mom and the principal can name many reasons why. He has no plans but to ‘see where he ends up.'

Rory shares her dream of being a journalist like Christiane Amanpour. Jess says the international correspondent thing sounds a little rough for Rory – the wars and the bombs. Rory has a moment of self-doubt and he apologizes. They share a moment looking at each other. And they come to a spot where they can turn back and study, or turn and keep driving. Rory says to keep driving. He says ‘as you wish' (very Princess Bride).

Rory calls home. Tells Lorelai to be calm. That she was in an accident. An animal got in front of the car and Jess swerved to avoid it. She's in the hospital, but ok. The car, not so much. Rory fractured her arm and will need a cast for a couple of weeks. Rory starts defending Jess. While Rory is getting more x-rays, Lorelai angrily runs from the hospital to Luke's.

Lorelai is yelling madly for Jess. Luke can barely get the details out of her. Lorelai says to Luke, when Luke asks how Jess is:

"Jess did the hurting. That little punk nephew of yours almost killed my kid tonight."

Luke is sure it was an accident. But Lorelai says accidents don't happen with her kid in the car. Lorelai yells at Luke for bringing Jess to Stars Hollow. Everyone thought he was trouble, and now Rory is in the hospital. Goes on about Luke pushing Jess and Rory together. Not worrying about what influence Jess would have on Rory, just on helping Jess. Luke turns on Lorelai:

"I am sorry about Rory. You know I care more about her than I do about myself. But at least you know where Rory is. And at least you know that she's ok. Now I have to find Jess. And I have to make sure that he's ok. And if that cuts into your screaming time, well that's just too damn bad."

There is an exchange of "go to hell".

The car was towed in and Lorelai sees just how bad the damage was. Freaks her out. She calls Christopher crying. Luke finds Jess at his place – the bridge.


Jess says he made sure Rory was ok – Luke knows. Lorelai settles in to sleep in Rory's room. Rory apologizes.

Lorelai wakes to find Christopher asleep in a chair beside her. They go out to talk. Both would like to kill Jess. Lorelai says that the word "hospital" from Rory just freaked her out. She knows it could have been worse. They apologize for their fight.

Rory tells Lane all about it. Dean doesn't know, she hasn't seen Jess, and Lorelai and Luke are fighting. She hopes things cool off.

‘A film by Kirk' begins. Very dramatic. But bad. Includes a dance number. Lorelai tells Chris she's glad he's there – he wishes he could stay longer. They overhear that Luke has sent Jess home on a bus. Babette says Jess wanted to go. Rory seems sad; Lorelai – guilty?

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