Gilmore Girls 1.01 “Pilot”

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Gilmore Girls 1.01 "Pilot"
Original Air Date: October 5, (Recap date: November 7, 2007)
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Welcome to the first crushable.com recap session as we rewind and watch Gilmore Girls all over again. Together, we will discuss each episode of Gilmore Girls, starting today with the "Pilot".

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Gilmore Girls Episode Recap:

We meet Lorelai Gilmore as she heads to Luke's Diner in search of coffee. And we find her to be a coffee ‘junkie'

Lorelai is approached by a young guy and we are treated to our first cultural reference: Lorelai calls him a Jack Kerouac (who wrote ‘On The Road')

Rory Gilmore on the hunt for lip gloss, of which Lorelai has vanilla, chocolate, honey or toasted marshmallow. While Lorelai gets Rory some coffee, the guy tries to hit on Rory. Rory quips "are you my new daddy?" to freak him out.

Lorlai arrives to work at the Independence Inn and Michel is on the phone – his quirks with customer service already apparent. Rory comes to visit and Lorelai calls her frumpy sweater a moo moo. They goad Michel into looking over Rory's French paper.

We meet Lane walking to school with Rory, putting on a Woodstock shirt that her parents would never approve of. They walk by Dean, whose jaw drops at the sight of Rory.

Rory's classmates make fun of her for being studious. Rory is secretly pleased.

Sookie! A crash in the kitchen as we meet accident-prone head chef, Sookie. She and Lorelai dream to open their own Inn?

Lane brings Rory back home to Kim's Antiques. Mrs. Kim has some health-crazy muffins for them.

Back at the Inn, Sookie's kitchen is buzzing with everyone trying to prevent her from cutting off her fingers or scalding her hands. Unfortunately, Sookie hits one in the face with a cast iron fry pan.

Rory has been accepted into Chilton, starting immediately. They are all very excited. And no, Lorelai did not have to sleep with the headmaster to make it happen.

Lorelai finds out that the tuition, which must be prepaid, is $50,000. Sookie comes for moral support and tries to bring up the "p" word (parents). Rory comes out excited in her Chilton uniform.

Sookie says "I'm going to the store, because you have absolutely nothing. You feel like duck?"

Lorelai responds "Ooh, if it's made of chicken, absolutely."

Lorelai must face her past and pay a visit to her parents. They immediately suspect it's about money. They say Chilton is a great school and agree, on one condition – a weekly dinner:

"Since we are now financially involved in your life, I want to be actively involved in your life"

Rory runs into Dean on her way out of school. He actually gets her offhand movie reference, which impresses her. He's new in town. Rory gets flustered around him. He and Rory walk through Stars Hollow. Dean admits to watching Rory, that she's nice to look at and has intense concentration.

Lorelai and Rory pick at their salad until their greasy burgers and fries are ready. Luke quips:

"Red meat can kill ya, enjoy"

Rory is a little snarky and admits she is not sure about Chilton. They argue and leave without eating. Miss Patty says she found a job for Dean, which prompts Lorelai to ask "what male friend", because she was not in the loop. She clues in that Rory doesn't want to go to Chilton because of Dean.

It comes out that Lorelai got pregnant at 16. Rory doesn't want to listen to the lecture about school being more important. Lorelai plays the ‘mom' card and says Rory will go to Chilton.

Sookie had a meal explode and killed the Viking stove.

Gilmore dinner. Some tension. Emily hints at the money. Richard talks about Christopher, Rory's dad. And insults Lorelai by saying Rory gets her smarts from her dad. She storms into the kitchen. Emily admits she was disappointed with Lorelai's pregnancy – that they had bright futures. Emily dislikes that Lorelai and Christopher did not marry. That Lorelai shut them out of Rory's life. That she left school and home to work as a maid at the Inn. Lorelai stands up to her – she built a strong life and now runs the Inn.

Rory overhears Lorelai refer to begging for the Chilton money. It seems to humble her. She offers to take her mom for coffee, and their normal banter is back on track.

Lorelai is impressed with Luke's sleek look – he had a meeting. He flirts back. When he brings them their order:

"I can't stand it, this is so unhealthy. Rory, please, put down that cup of coffee. You do not want to grow up to be like your mom"

Rory replies: "Sorry, too late"

Lorelai beams. And continues to ask about ‘the guy'. And we leave them sitting in Luke's Diner.

Discussion Questions:

  • What is it about the writing that allows us to really ‘know' the characters so quickly?
  • Why do you think writers later phased out Sookie's accident-prone nature?
  • What do you think of Rory's style? More unique? More to character?
  • Why did Rory change her mind so quickly about Chilton? Was a couple hours with Dean enough to do that?
  • Does Lorelai refer to her contacts in any other episode?
  • Do you think this is the first time Lorelai may have ‘noticed' Luke in a new light?

Tune in tomorrow for episode 2!

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