The Emotional Roller Coaster Of Seeing Your Fave Actor In A Terrible Movie

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It's a fangirl tale as old as time. You hear that your favorite actor is going to be in a big summer movie and then the rest of your life is devoted to thinking about that nonstop. They infiltrate your dreams and fill your days with longing and sighing. Maybe it's Channing Tatum, who's known more for his physique than his films, or maybe it's Taylor Swift trying her hand at that whole acting thing again (Ugh, and I was so excited for The Giver.) Think of the set pictures! Think of all the funny interviews from the press tour! It's going to be AWESOME. And then suddenly…it's really, really not. We've all been there. Let's go there now, together.

You hear about casting news and you start losing your fragile fangirl mind.

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Then you tell your less enthusiastic friends because you can't contain your excitement.

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You patiently wait to find out more about the movie.

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There's finally a trailer and it looks great because look, there's your fave!

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 You're lined up for the midnight premiere and you've got butterflies in your stomach.

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You've got your popcorn and your bestie and you are READY.

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 It starts and it's….not what you expected.

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But maybe it's just the writing that's bad or maybe it gets better from here?!

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Wait no, she's just actually really bad in this movie.

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Now you're mad. You've spent a year getting excited about this and it's not going as planned.

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Alas, you hold on until the end, because you at least owe your fave that much.

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You leave the theater feeling hollow and defeated.

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…and then one day you're just going about your business when you hear she's going to be in another movie.

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