GH Petition : Step Off Lulu Spencer!

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julie-marie-berman-zumawirewestphotos179843-20080619-cob This is a petition, an open “letter”, a “please oh pretty please” request to the writers of General Hospital to PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't let Lulu Spencer hook up with newest hottie in town, Ethan Lovett. The new character was introduced on Friday (January 30th) and I've discovered how HOTT he is with matching Australian accent.

I've had this gnawing suspicion and rumors are also abound that this new character who happens to be mingling with Luke Spencer is the new guy for Lulu to hook up with. Hence, the shaky relationship between Johnny and Lulu.

I and a few of you have opined that Lulu shouldn't be with any new guy again. She needs to figure out her relationship with Johnny. Stop getting first dibs on every new guy that steps onto Port Charles. It's all been done before. There are other young women characters on the canvas who deserve to get their “happily ever after”. Take for example Maxie. The Matt storyline seems to be taking slow. Spinelli? C'mon now. She and Spinelli have a special friendship, let's try not to ruin that.

The fact of the matter is, I don't want Lulu being associated with Ethan Lovett. If she has to be, then make Ethan a long lost brother. No offense to Julie Marie Berman but her character Lulu Spencer is getting really annoying. But then again, that's a testament to how great of an actor Julie is. Lulu is in a daydream mood who is always trying to “rescue” her boyfriends from who they truly are. And then she turns them into psychos (Logan) or whiny Mobsters (Johnny). I don't want Lulu Spencer turning Ethan Lovett into one of her projects too.

Ethan Lovett needs to be making hot scenes with Sam. Yes, Sam McCall. She is the only hot chick in town who can spar with Ethan Lovett. The Jason and Sam pairing has died. I only wanted them to “reunite” to piss Elizabeth off, hah. As far as Lucky goes, I genuinely think he and Elizabeth make a great couple. They need to build a strong family with their children in Port Charles.

Whether Ethan Lovett is who he says he is, or Dante Falconeri (Sonny and Olivia's son), I don't want him with Lulu Spencer. If you agree with me on this, please leave a comment in the comment box. Before it's too late, we have to nip this “Ethan & Lulu” idea before it goes further. Ethan Lovett's appeal will go to shreds once he hooks up with Lulu. Ethan Lovett is way too HOT for Lulu Spencer.

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