Get Ready For Scream Queens 2

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[Photo: © 2009 VH1]

The first season of Scream Queens showed us a group of aspiring actresses who wanted to be in the Saw VI movie. Talented Tanedra Howard won the season and had her breakout role in the film. She impressed everyone so much, she will be appearing in other Lionsgate films in the future. So the VH1 series successfully launched her career!

We just got word today that the second season of Scream Queens will begin to air in early 2010 and will involve a new group of actresses, vying for a part in the upcoming movie Saw 3-D. Word has it that there’s a new mentor for the group too, Jamie King. There’s no telling what challenges the women have in store for them, but I’m betting that none of it will be pretty! I’ll keep you posted about the new season as news is released.