Get Excited, Portlandia Is Back

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Is it weird that a show parodying everything about a city makes me really want to move there? I want bird-adorned accessories. I want to get in a street fight with a friend over who’s more well read. Portlandia comes back to IFC this Friday, January 6th, but you can watch the entire episode online. For those who don’t want to watch the whole episode but want people to think they did, here’s a rundown of the episode’s best sketches.

Fire Pit
-At first glance, there seems to be a lovely old gentleman building a backyard fire pit, but in his fantasies he’s building the site for pyro-orgies. Moral of the story-discourage your parents from building a fire pit.

Battlestar Galactica
-Definitely the best sketch of the episode, here we have a couple who falls into the trap we’ve all been the victims of at one point. Let’s just watch the first episode of a season one box set. Four seasons, one pink slip, and one shut-off notice later they refuse to except the series is over, and try to track down the writer. They’re only partially successful, but it doesn’t even matter when they’re introduced to Dr. Who. 784 episodes and counting. They’re never going to leave the house.

Artisan Knots
-Portland perfection, in the spirit of last season’s Put a Bird On It. After watching this sketch, I’ll never look at my horribly tangled ear bud cords again. The humor was all the more impressive considering they had Jeff Goldblum in a pink suit and a bow tie. They could have just called it a day.