Conspiracy Theory: Georgina Sparks Is A Gossip Girl, But Not The Gossip Girl

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Georgina Sparks is Gossip Girl“But who am I? That's one secret I'll never tell.”

That's the promise that Gossip Girl gives us in every opening of the teen soap on The CW. But then the writers decided that they needed a stunt for last night's 100th episode… and that's how in the last twenty seconds we saw Georgina Sparks typing away merrily at the Gossip Girl blog after sabotaging Blair‘s wedding to Louis. As a fan of the books, I think this reveal wasn't worth blowing their load on such a big secret, so I'm calling bullshit.

There's an excellent fan theory detailed on Cracked.com: James Bond is not a single man, but a code name that many men have used over the decades in their work for the British government. It explains how he never ages, the different personalities of Bonds played by Roger Moore and Daniel Craig, and how there's always a Bond fighting everything from Russians to 9/11 terrorists.

I believe that Gossip Girl is the same deal—a code name for in-the-know New Yorkers with exhaustive connections to tipsters and the capacity to write snarky copy. The site and its mission stays the same, but different characters take the mantle every so often depending on the needs of the site. [tagbox tag= “gossip girl”]

After all, Serena van der Woodsen just spent the last few episodes of season 5 struggling with the idea of being “the next Gossip Girl” after she shuts down GG's site but all the tipsters start sending her their photo and gossip blasts instead. (Bear with me, since I haven't watched the show consistently since season 3 and I've been trying to play catch-up via Wikipedia. But I think I have that right.)

TVLine flat-out asked executive producer Josh Safran if Georgina has always been Gossip Girl. If it were the case, you'd think that he'd be relieved to finally put all his cards on the table; instead, he continued to play coy. Let's look at the quotes:

  • Georgina “has this role” now: The specific present tense adds to the above “code name” theory.
  • She's staying on for the near future to “get even more dirt and gossip… and cause so much more trouble”: This seems to speak more to Georgina's vendetta against Blair and the other UES kids, as opposed to the larger scheme Gossip Girl had of breaking scandalous news.
  • “You’re now invited into a process that for years you haven’t seen. Seeing just how Gossip Girl gets her tips and what she does to get her tips is really fun and a new thing”: For all we know, they're setting it up so we meet GG's various informants around the city, and whenever the producers and/or Michelle Trachtenberg are ready for her to leave, they'll draw on one of these new underlings to be the next incarnation of GG.

Recall how Georgina's big disguise to get into Blair's wedding was an altar-boy outfit; that could be a nod to the fact that she's merely Gossip Girl's latest disciple. Furthermore, it would let us continue to entertain old theories that at one point in time GG was Eric van der Woodsen (who's the TV version of gay Chuck in the books) and Vanessa Abrams.

The one consolation in this is that Kristen Bell will continue to voice GG from afar.

Update: We were right! Gossip Girl decided to basically scrap their big “reveal” and make Georgina just as powerless as before. At this point, we would've preferred her to be Gossip Girl.