Video: George Takei Ends Star Wars/Star Trek Feud By Suggesting Nerds Turn Against Twillight

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Long before Twihards battled Hunger Games fans for dominance, the original geek fan face-off was Star Wars versus Star Trek. It's not surprising: Both have introduced famous depictions of sci-fi, with heroes we love and canon we follow. So it's understandable for the fans to nitpick over which is better. But when the actors involved join the debate and call each other out, then it just gets ugly.

Last week, William Shatner and Carrie Fisher traded a series of videos in which they mocked each other's series: Shatner called Star Wars derivative of Star Trek, while Carrie mocked Shatner's weight. They might have been only playfully joking, but it just made everyone on the Internet incredibly uncomfortable.

Film critic Roger Ebert even weighed in on the developing feud, writing, One can only hope George Takei can be brought in to broker a peace settlement before blood is shed. Well, here's Takei to the rescue! The man who once played Lt. Sulu on Star Trek posted the video below where he tells Carrie and William to simmer down and consider that both of their series are masterpieces, especially compared to the current cash cow Twilight.

Takei, a fan favorite, is quickly becoming known for these quick, witty videos in which he represents for both the geek world and the LGBT community. He manages to join in on serious issues while still retaining some wryness so that he won't alienate viewers.

“Gone is any sense of heroism, camaraderie, or epic battle,” he says. “In its place we have vampires that sparkle and mope and go to high school… In Twilight, the only message that rings out loud and clear is, ‘Does my boyfriend like me?'” (Great Kristen Stewart impression, btw.)

The best part that shows that the two fandoms can coexist is when Takei ends the video with “And may the Force be with you.” Which only serves to show that Star Wars is better, obviously.