George R. R. Martin Wants The Comic-Con Audience To Know That He Really Likes Sex And Boobies

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A Song of Ice and Fire series creator George R. R. Martin is in San Diego for Comic-Con at the moment, and as the Game of Thrones producers and co-creators are currently in Ireland filming the third season, he's the resident authority on the show. Even though his involvement really stops with the books, the audience figured he'd take the opportunity to address this past season or speculate on the next one at the panel he hosted yesterday. But nay nay nay, George was much more interested in making the HBO series' cast blush as he talked about two of his favorite topics: sex scenes…and boobies.

Because there's nothing less creepy than a chubby old bearded man in a sweater vest and a sailor's hat talking about sex and bouncy lady-parts, right? Right?? Wrong. George basically went down the line and asked each character about whether or not they enjoyed their nude scenes, starting with

“I enjoyed it. It was good. I wanted to get in shape for it anyway. I wanted to feel like a warrior.”

Presumably he wanted to feel like a warrior so he could smack the author for asking him that question in front of 6500 people and all his cast mates. Then George-y boy moves on to Richard Madden, who plays Robb Stark, asking him how he felt about his recent scene with Oona Chaplin, who plays Talisa Maegyr.  Richard tried to say that he preferred battle scenes to sex scenes, but accidentally played right into George's creepy hands by saying:

“Swinging a sword is a lot more fun.”

Facepalm. You've gotta know that kid's face was so red. Apparently the audience was laughing and whooping; that has to be embarrassing. Finally George turned his attention to

Or better yet — just stay home and keep plugging away at the next book. God knows we're ready for it.

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