What’s More Depressing Than George Lucas Saying Star Wars Is Dead, Is That He Told This To TMZ

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George Lucas Star Wars is dead TMZI know that it's difficult for anyone to defend George Lucas anymore, after the failure of the Star Wars prequels and his insistence upon editing the original films to the point of too-shiny artificiality. Regardless, he was my idol when I was growing up in northern California and fell in love with the Star Wars mythology and extended universe… and with that in mind, I think the man deserves a little more respect than being hounded by TMZ‘s cameras.

Some amateur reporters caught up with Lucas when he and his daughter yesterday as they were leaving a restaurant in LA. It's hard to tell if the guy with the camera is a genuine fan who stumbles over his words when talking to the iconic storyteller, or if he thinks it's fun to harass a director who's fallen from fan's good graces.

TMZ asks when Lucasfilm will be releasing the 7th, 8th, and 9th installments of the Star Wars canon. To be fair, there have been plenty of rumors over the years about Lucas filling in the years after Return of the Jedi and before the probably hundreds of novels detailing Luke Skywalker's Jedi Academy and Han and Leia's kids.

The video won't embed, but it doesn't matter since all that Lucas responds is, “Never. I'm retired.” He really doesn't sound that excited about revisiting the characters and the worlds he thought up almost 40 years ago, and that makes me sad. But maybe he's simply uncomfortable because TMZ is hounding him. I know that geek culture is all sexy and mainstream now, but TMZ, you're a gossip site. Why don't you stick to what you do best, and let the mainstream geek sites cover news like this?