George Clooney And Brad Pitt Come Up With Punishments For Whoever Loses The Oscar

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George Clooney will babysit Brad Pitt's kidsOur favorite bromance of Brad Pitt and George Clooney have added some competition to their friendship with this year's Oscar race: Both are up for Best Actor, with Brad as the underdog baseball manager in Moneyball and George's buzzed-about performance as a grieving father in The Descendants. According to The National Enquirer, the playful buddies have come up with forfeits in the case of each other winning.

If Brad takes home the statuette, then famous bachelor George has to babysit Brad and Angelina Jolie‘s brood of kids — six, all under the age of 10 — so that Brad and Angie can have a romantic night out. But if George takes it home (and there's a good chance of that), Brad has to spend a day as a deckhand on George's yacht in Lake Como.

I can't help but think that this is part of a larger master plan from George; after all, on Inside the Actors Studio a few weeks ago he did admit that he's spent the last two years perfecting a prank for Brad. “I’m working on one right now for Brad Pitt,” he told the audience. “It might end his career. I owe him, so I’m getting him.”

But then again, The Artist star Jean Dujardin upset the Clooney-Pitt rivalry by taking home the Actor statuette at the Screen Actors Guild awards. In that case, would both frontrunners have to do Jean's bidding?

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