George and Elton – Cage Match!

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george michael and elton john In the “who really cares” category, Fametastic is reporting that George Micheal and Elton John are fighting about…meh. Who cares. You know what this reminds me of? Two little school girls on the playground having a slap fight. But I guess I should, you know, report or something. Here's the story:

“Speaking on this weekend’s Parkinson, George Michael has blamed his recent troubles on a comment Sir Elton John made two years ago – and the pressure to prove him wrong.

Elton claimed George was suffering from “deep-rooted unhappiness”, resulting from George’s arrest and subsequent coming-out in 1998.

“My trajectory in this soap opera started when Elton made those comments,” George explains.

“He hadn’t seen me for years and from that moment on I’ve suffered this kind of wishful thinking from the press.”

“I have to be honest. The subtext is, ‘He was all right before he came out and now he lives this depraved gay life and he’s miserable and he’s fat’.””