General Hospital : When Sonny Shot His Own Son

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In Sonny’s defense, he didn’t know Dominic is his son. He only found out after Olivia walked into Sonny’s living room and found Dominic which she immediately started calling “Dante”, on the floor. Watch or re-watch how it all went down.


It’s amazing how the anger just spilled from Dominic’s mouth. I was also amazed that Sonny was going to get rid of him instead of Jason. Maybe this was very personal to him. And maybe Jason didn’t really want to kill anyone before or after Josselyn’s Christening.

Sonny’s face when Olivia said, “My God Sonny, you just shot your own son” was priceless. He was like, “whatchatalkingabout” or “ WTF?” or “HUH.?” Either one, I know that Monday is going to be AWESOME!! By the way, that was a good and suspenseful musical score.