General Hospital: The Pain In Lucky’s Eyes

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How would you feel if you witnessed yourself that the woman you love is having sex with your brother who already confessed to loving her as well. The thing is, you didn’t know she loves him too. Until you open the door and there they were.

Interestingly enough, Lucky is now experiencing what Elizabeth had experienced when she caught him having sex with Maxie years ago. During the time he was battling an addiction.

I guess they’re even? Lucky was addicted and Maxie was sort of his “dealer.” Elizabeth on the other hand is completely sane and is not addicted to any substance that we know of. Except maybe being an attention-you know what.

Moving along… the pain in Lucky’s eyes when he told Liz who found a house all trashed that the mess might stay that way until he figures things out was heartbreaking. And Liz had no idea what that mess Lucky was actually talking about.


And then, Lucky went to the airport to catch Nikolas before he and Spencer leaves for Paris. He said, “you’re my brother, I want you to stay.” Lucky is planning on something, no? Either he wants to see if Elizabeth and Nikolas would continue with their affair to prove something. Or maybe Lucky is planning on confronting both of them at the same time.

Either way it’s going to be an explosive moment. Now I understand why the show brought Jonathan Jackson back  for the roe. February or May Sweeps might be something monumental for everyone in Port Charles.

(Image: Bauer-Griffin)