General Hospital Spoilers, Week Of December 7th To 11th.

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General Hospital Spoilers  week of December 7th to 11th  soapsabcghspoiler thumb jpg General Hospital Spoilers, week of December 7th to 11th.

Jason finally meets Franco. I’m on Team Franco, you?

Rebecca finds out about Nik and Liz.

There’s a new triangle : Johnny-Olivia-Sonny. We knew this was coming though.

Spinelli finds out about Maxie & Franco.

Someone returns.

Find out more after the fold…

Jason and Franco finally meet and have a one-on-one conversation or confrontation. Pick either. Jason will discover that Franco knows about Michael’s involvement on Claudia’s murder.

Rebecca finds out about Nikolas and Elizabeth. She’s a woman scorned so she’ll use that info to her own advantage to get Lucky. A Liz and Rebecca confrontation is in the works.

It’s official, Olivia admits her feelings for Sonny. Unfortunately, Johnny knows that Dominic is a cop and she’s Olivia’s son. Will he use that to his advantage? We’ll see.

Liz’ brother Steve Webber is back in Port Charles. Look for him and Patrick Drake to clash.

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