General Hospital Spoilers : September 7 – 11

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General Hospital Spoilers   September 7   11 soapsabcghspoiler jpgGeneral Hospital Spoilers, week of September 7th to 11th

The Carnival disaster starts with a bang.

Edward Quartermaine causes everyone harm This time around, it’s not his fault, heh.

At least there will be some LOVE thrown into the mix thanks to Jason and Sam. Let’s ask Lucky how he feels about the developments between his ex-wife and brother. Ooohhh.

Don’t leave the Sonny’s clan out of the disaster either. Of course not.

September 7 will air an encore presentation of Claudia’s accident which resulted to Kristina and Michael living town.

Edward Quartermaine is drugged by Andrea. She needs him to keep what he knows about the murder a secret. With a drugged infected blood, Edward drives into the middle of carnival which puts everyone in danger. And I mean everyone.

In the middle of all this chaos is the growing closeness between Jason and Sam (Thank You God). I don’t know who Lucky would feel about the closeness between Nikolas and Elizabeth though. There’s even a kiss witnessed by someone. O ow. Could it be Lucky or Lulu?

Thanks to this new disaster, the Dominic paternity might come to light. Olivia won’t have a choice but to reveal it in order to save probably one of Sonny’s children, or even himself. Who knows. If it would take a carnival disaster for Sonny to find out about all his children then so be it.

It seems like someone might be leaving Port Charles for good but we’ll just see.

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