General Hospital Spoilers : November 23 – 27

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General Hospital Spoilers   November 23   27 soapsabcghspoiler1 jpgGeneral Hospital Spoilers, week of November 23rd to 27th

You’re invited to Franco’s art opening. Well on TV of course.

Sparks fly between Franco and Maxie. We all know how Maxie loves her career, right?

Thanksgiving love and well, some sniping at the Quartermaine’s. Oh and pizza too.

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Watch the Port Charles residents attend Franco’s art opening. It’s definitely going to be an interesting episode. Especially when Franco and Maxie meet. They’re both hot so why not right? They thought so because they end up at Franco’s place. Kate told Maxie to do everything to get Franco to be featured on Crimson. We all know how much Maxie loves her career. But of course, there’s going to be trouble on Maxie’s side.

Jax and Carly will have a temporary truce for Thanksgiving. Over at Quartermaine’s, there’s pizza, Tracy, Luke, Ethan, and company.

There’s also some love between Max and Diane, Mac and Alexis. What? I say it’s about time.

Thanksgiving Encore episode : James Franco’s debut. But of course..

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