General Hospital Spoilers: January 25 – 29

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General Hospital Spoilers  January 25   29 soapsabcghspoiler thumb3 jpg General Hospital Spoilers, week of January 25th to 29th.

It’s Mob-Family battle ahead in Port Charles. Meaning, Sonny has a gun.

Olivia is caught in between the people she loves dearly.

Lucky is spiraling down and down and down…

Watch out for Carly to get into the mix.

Find out more after the fold…

Sonny finds out that Dominic is a cop. Of course he realizes that Dominic has all goods to put Sonny behind bars for a long time. Sonny will find a way to stop that. Hey, why not shoot Dominic? And he will.

Poor Olivia is caught in so many issues. Her child between the father of her child. And Johnny vs Sonny. Johnny is not happy that’s for sure.

I did say Sonny will shoot Dominic right? He’ll also find out he is his son. Well that’s a major reveal in Sonny’s life. Another child. A cop at that.

Speaking of a cop, Lucky is also in trouble. He’s just going down faster than you can say “addiction.” Carly finds out about why Lucky is in this path again. Of all people, right? Carly convinces Jason to get custody of Jake. Who is more unfit, Jason or Liz?

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