General Hospital Spoilers: January 11 – 15

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General Hospital Spoilers  January 11   15 soapsabcghspoiler thumb1 jpg General Hospital Spoilers, week of January 11th to 15th

Franco’s reign is about to end. Explosion everyone.

Dominic and Johnny work together to nail Sonny for Claudia’s murder.

Sonny has his own plans regarding that which screams Franco’s name.

Lucky confronts Nikolas about his feeling for Liz.

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There’s going to be explosion thanks to Franco’s bombs which he left for Sam and Lulu. Someone is going to die. Of course. Franco is not done though. He’s going to leave Jason something that will affect his life for a long time, if not forever. Sounds serious.

Domini and Johnny will work together to nail Sonny for Claudia’s murder. This means Michael is in danger too. Meanwhile, Sonny finds a way to save Michael by concocting a plan that will point Franco as Claudia’s murderer.

Lucky and Nikolas have a confrontation in regards to Nikolas’ feelings towards Liz. Nikolas decides to leave Port Charles to stop all the madness. Too bad Lucky finds out his affair with Liz. And I mean ALL of it.

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